For Microsoft Dynamics and High-Performance Technology in the Cloud, SaaSplaza Is the Worldwide Leader

  • A Global Cloud company: staff, data centers, partners, and customers all over the world 
  • 100% Partner focused: Partner owns the customer and partner sets the margins. 
  • The most trusted name in the business and a Certified Gold Hosting Partner of Microsoft


SaaSplaza is a company and a solution. 

The company, with European HQ in the Netherlands, US HQ in San Diego, and a new office in Singapore—and data centers in the US, Europe, and Singapore—has been serving the Cloud needs of Microsoft Dynamics Partners and ISVs (and their end-users) for more than a decade… yes, before the cloud was known as The Cloud.

The SaaSplaza solution is the most robust, secure, and flexible available. Do not take our word for it. Here are some things our technology Partners, who put their customers on our Cloud platform, have to say about SaaSplaza:

"SaaSplaza is the ideal Cloud Partner. They provide the flexibility we require to rapidly deploy clients in the Cloud, and their platform is as reliable as it is secure."
—Chris Jones, Vice President, Consulting, Junction Solutions

"SaaSplaza is a cloud service partner with rock-solid security and an uptime guarantee... It's faster, it outperforms, it is reliable, it is secure, it is always on: what else coud you want?"
—Oliver Krizek, CEO, NAVAX Industries

“SaaSplaza has been in the Cloud business for more than 15 years... an ideal Partner for moving more of our Dynamics business to the Cloud.”
—Hersch Patel, Director of Consulting Services, Socius

“A more scalable, more repeatable Dynamics offering was what we were after, and it is exactly what SaaSplaza will help us provide... One reason we chose SaaSplaza is that they offer a Cloud solution—not simply hosting. It’s through the additional services SaaSplaza provides in its Cloud offering that we could create a platform for repeatable business.”
—Harald Schwalm, CEO, 360 Business Software + Systeme (a Raber+Märcker subsidiary)

It is a platform bringing together outside software makers/ISVs and its partners/VARs to deliver Cloud-based applications wherever they’re needed and in any market. 

And while SaaSplaza can service any application, our focus is on Dynamics in the Cloud, and in the Partner channel. We do not sell directly to the end-users, and so are the best fit for VARs and ISVs seeking a true Cloud partner.

15 Years of Global Cloud Computing—No One Else Comes Close

Serving partners and ISVs and Cloud customers all over the world, SaaSplaza Cloud delivers the consistent uptime and air-tight security today’s dispersed and ever-scaling businesses require. And it has been this way for more than 15 years.

Currently, SaaSplaza has…

  • Nearly 100 FT employees in the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and China
  • More than 50 full-time engineers
  • More than 100 Cloud applications supported
  • More than 500 partners and ISVs
  • Data centers (and staff) in the US, the Netherlands, and Singapore
  • Nearly 1 million end-users serving in 55 countries

And SaaSplaza is fully committed to sustainable business practices and an eco-conscious work environment. It’s not just in our offer—which can immediately reduce the kinds of infrastructure costs that can adversely affect the planet—it’s in our ethos. We have a firm, established code of Social and Corporate Responsibility, and we also adhere to the standards set forth in the DHPA Code of Conduct.

Want to know a little more? Click and watch the video below for our former “spokeswoman,” Julia Soluzione, as she takes you on a tour of SaaSplaza. The video is a couple of years old, but it still pretty much hits the mark, and it’s fun viewing.

Click any of the links in the side bar to learn more about the company, our infrastructure, our executive team, our customers, our commitment to Cloud security, careers at SaaSplaza, events, and more. Or just contact us. We look forward to helping your business find a home in the Cloud.