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Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform has become the platform of choice for businesses around the world. It’s trusted, scalable and global. At the same time, many organizations have experienced that Azure is also a complex tool box with many options and features. They have found out they still need to design, build and maintain their IT resources, when opting for Azure. This means they have to invest in people, knowledge and tools to ensure maximum uptime for their mission-critical applications

Then the question arises: do we embark on the road to the Azure cloud ourselves or do we leave this to the experts? At SaaSplaza, we have over 15 years of experience in cloud technology and are specialized in Microsoft Azure. When implementing Azure Services, we use our proven SaaSplaza CloudCARE methodology, which provides a unique approach to deliver a variety of enterprise grade cloud services, that are standardized, secure and consistent around the globe.

Why opt for Azure Services of SaaSplaza?
  • Rely on 24/7 personal and global Azure support by our Azure experts. You no longer need to invest in your own resources to keep your applications up and running.
  • It will save your IT team valuable time, that can be used for strategic projects that improve your business.
  • Your company data and applications are safe, secure, compliant and available in the Azure cloud.

Free CloudSCAN by Cloud Solution Architects of SaaSplaza

Benefit from the expert experience, the SaaSplaza CloudSCAN gives essential perspectives and shapes migration onto Azure.

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SaaSplaza Partner Network

We are proud of our extensive, global partner network, comprising of over 270 partners worldwide. SaaSplaza partners can be found in all geographies and have extensive expertise in vertical markets and industries. This means there is always a partner that speaks your specific language when it comes to your cloud or business critical (ERP) applications. Check out our partner page to find a partner near you or contact us for advice.

Azure Service Offerings

SaaSplaza Azure Service Offerings leverage Microsoft Azure to protect on-premise IT infrastructures and to migrate into cloud.

  • Disaster Recovery Services – We recover your application and application processes that are on-premise, giving you the best SLA to be back in business in no time after a disaster.
  • Backup Services – We secure your critical data and applications from an on-premise or hosting environment to Azure, using Azure Backup.
  • Infrastructure Services – We provide a range of infrastructure and platform services with various options of 24 x 7 management, governance and control across business applications.
  • Migration services - We help with advanced migration services, including the SaaSplaza CloudSCAN and best-of breed industry tooling to perform lift, transform and shift scenarios from on premise hybrid or public clouds to Azure.
  • Consumption Services – We optimize consumption and scalability in Azure, providing agility, insight and cost control.
  • Consultancy Services – We help  you to understand how business challenges best fit the rich set of possibilities in the Cloud.

Azure Services in 60 Seconds
Frequently Asked Questions
A: It takes a lot of technical expertise to set up the environment, architect the deployment, and ensure the workload is migrated correctly so there are no setbacks. Additionally, once your workload is in the cloud, you must continuously maintain it to ensure it’s performing optimally. SaaSplaza can offload the burden of maintaining your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your strategic initiatives and projects that add value to your business.
A: Microsoft Azure has the most comprehensive list of compliance certifications of any hyper-scale cloud provider. Azure also has industry-leading capabilities to meet the needs of key compliance requirements. Please visit the Microsoft Trust Center ( to get a full list of Azure’s certifications and attestations.
A: As a hyper-scale provider, Microsoft can make greater security investments than the majority of companies in the industry. By incorporating automation and machine learning capabilities into the core, Azure is continuously improving its ability to detect, isolate, and remediate potential threats. Moreover, Microsoft adheres to strict industry standards for security and is constantly tested and audited by 3rd party entities. Learn more at the Azure Security Center:

SaaSplaza CloudCARE

SaaSplaza CloudCARE is the foundation of our services, it’s a unique approach to deliver a variety of enterprise grade cloud services, standardized, secure and consistent around the globe. SaaSplaza CloudCARE is based on our vast cloud experience and extensive Microsoft expertise.

SaaSplaza CloudCARE
SaaS CloudCARE

Are you considering moving your IT to the Azure cloud and become more agile, flexible and secure? Let us help you with this transition, ensuring a timely, structured and effective approach. Contact our Cloud Experts for more information.


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