ABC E Business: Dynamics NAV in the Cloud with SaaSplaza “facilitates internationalization”


ABC E Business provides a complete Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to small and medium-sized businesses. This ERP software system provides functionalities that enable companies to automate and improve business processes such as purchasing, sales, customer relationship management, marketing, financial administration, web integration and other critical tasks.

The company primarily targets customers in commercial services, IT hardware and software, and non-food wholesale sectors. In the SME space, ABC E Business serves customers across the entire width of the market.


For a number of years, ABC E Business has been one of the few Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners to offer the ERP software online, eliminating the necessity for customers to invest in hardware. Director Emile Peels explains, “A secure access code enables customers to log into their own system anywhere, any time,” which gives ABC E Business’s customers the logistical flexibility they require.

However, ABC E Business continued to encounter resistance in the market. “Many small and medium-sized businesses continue to work with Excel sheets and are hesitant to make the switch to an online package,” said Peels. An ERP package, he says, “is often a long-term investment. I regard it as a sort of marriage - and naturally I want it to be a happy marriage.”

To help overcome this resistance—and keep its customers “in a happy marriage” with their Cloud-based Dynamics ERP solutions—ABC E Business needed to ensure its Cloud provider delivered security, availability, true flexibility, and had a global foot print firmly laid down.

Only one company fit these requirements: SaaSplaza.


ABC E Business went with SaaSplaza as only SaaSplaza was able to deliver the uptime guarantees and rock-solid security that would meet its needs and the needs of its customers.

And let’s not forget the money. Peels emphasises the licensing structure to his customers, which delivers a low monthly subscription fee instead of high licensing fees. “This offers companies a tremendous amount of flexibility,” says Peels.


While ABC E BUSINESS also sells Microsoft Dynamics Navision as an on-premise solution, Peels estimates that more than 90% of new customers will use the online version and with great satisfaction. “Our collaboration with SaaSplaza has enabled us to be virtually the only company in the Netherlands to offer Dynamics NAV in this manner,” says Peels.

While SaaSplaza has shown the ability to work on large scale and “proven that they are able to handle huge volumes,” says Peels, the company is also able to deliver smaller-scale, hands-on attention as well. “We at ABC E BUSINESS feel very strongly about the personal touch, not only in terms of our own customers, but also in what we expect of our partners. SaaSplaza is always ready to provide assistance,” said Peels.

“We deliberately chose a solid and professional partner, said Peels, and, as Microsoft also decided to partner up with SaaSplaza as its platform supplier, he says that this as well “confirmed that we had made the right decision.”