“We found the perfect Cloud partner in SaaSplaza.”


In 2001 Wiebe van Leyen and his partners Rob Versloot and Emiel Goossens created the software business LeanApps. It soon outgrew its original headquarters—a shed behind Wiebe’s house—and LeanApps moved to a larger space Naarden (in the Netherlands) where it now employs 110 people and counting.

“LeanApps has been creating software for insurance companies and pension funds since 2001,” says van Leyen. “LeanApps Life is standard software for life insurances released in two different versions each year with software updates or new functionalities. Of course we keep a close eye on new laws and regulations, a vital requirement in insurance software and one of the reasons companies are happy to come to us. Why go to the trouble of developing software solutions when you can outsource it?  Our software is completely web based: you can access it on the Internet and everything happens in the cloud.”


LeanApps made a conscious decision to operate via the web, Wiebe explains. “Around 2001, at the height of the Internet hype, every company wanted to be web based. We had a lot of experience with standard applications for insurers and we were familiar with the drawbacks of the platforms on offer. We thought long and hard about the architecture we wanted…”


“In 2006 we decided to offer our software as a service. Since then, all our new clients use the SaaS platform. In fact, although our software comes in two different versions  – a licensing model and a SaaS model on SaaSplaza’s cloud–  all our customers have opted for the latter. It makes sense. The LeanApps environment makes it much quicker and easier for companies to introduce and position new products.”

“Over the past twelve months we have broadened our scope to include CODA financial management software, enabling insurers to ‘assemble’ new insurance products using our software as building blocks. The software also provides comprehensive insurance policy management, including the adaptations that occur over time (sometimes stretching to decades). This is a highly complex process.”


“We now have more than a dozen clients. Most are pension insurers but some are using the software for private insurances such as individual life annuity policies. Lately we have seen an influx of funeral insurance companies. Together our clients represent 4 million policies, all managed by our software. That is quite a large volume.”

Wiebe is more than happy about his company’s partnership with SaaSplaza. “We have found the perfect partner in SaaSplaza, not only because it enables us to remain flexible but also because of future scalability issues. It’s not only about the volume we’re handling, client numbers come into it too. We are expecting to increase the number of clients by 4 or 5 this year compared to 1 or 2 in previous years and we’re looking at an upward trend. So yes, it’s important to choose the right partner and we have”