SaaSplaza & Tensoft Help Syndiant Find Success with Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud


Based in Dallas, Texas, Syndiant is a fabless semiconductor company with 50 employees. Syndiant designs light-modulating panels for high-resolution displays used in ultraportable projectors small enough to embed in a cell phone.

From its start, Syndiant relied on QuickBooks to manage finances. However, when Syndiant was ready to bring its light-modulating panels to market, the company decided it needed a full ERP system. “…we were moving from research and development to production,” says Tupper Patnode, Vice President of Operations for Syndiant. “And we knew this was going to be a huge market, so we had to be poised for some very significant growth.”


In terms of technology, Patnode said, “We needed more sophisticated accounting capabilities and an ERP system to manage distribution channels and multisource products. We needed a solution that would enable us to manage the supply chain from wafers to finished goods, both from a planning and financial perspective.”

As a small company without an IT team, Syndiant also needed to ensure simplified deployment and administration of such a system. “We knew we would need to be able to cost-effectively scale in terms of headcount by adding staff to research and development roles instead of IT. And we felt a cloud-based ERP system would enable us to do that,” said Patnode


After reviewing their options, the choice was Dynamics GP, enhanced with Tensoft FSM, a web-based product for technology companies with outsourced manufacturing operations. And place where this solution would reside, be used, and maintained was the Cloud through SaaSplaza, the company named Microsoft’s US ERP Hosting Partner of the Year in 2011.

It was SaaSplaza’s ability to provide a secure, reliable, high availability platform that is also flexible enough to enable proper customization on Cloud-based solutions that both made them Partner of the Year, and the right partner, for Microsoft and Tensoft in supporting Syndiant’s ambitions and budget.


By turning to a SaaSplaza Cloud-based deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP enhanced with Tensoft FSM, Syndiant has been able to support its entrance into the ultraportable projector market.

With the solution in place, the company has experienced rapid growth, both in employees and sales orders, all while keeping control of costs. Cory Johnson, Controller for Syndiant, says, “…the solution is priceless to us… Since deploying, we have grown from selling a couple units a week to selling 5,000 units a week. It’s a very scalable solution that we will probably take forever to outgrow.

Download the complete case study (PDF, ~240k).