Our Data Centers: worldwide security and availability

SaaSplaza’s data centers are located in the US (San Diego and Washington D.C.), in the Netherlands (two near Amsterdam), and in Singapore (Chai Chee).

A photo from inside one of our Netherlands data centers: the silding glass doors to the left weigh each person when they enter and leave the server room. If they're heavier when they leave (i.e., if they have stolen something), the doors close and lock on them, and security is alerted.

These sites were chosen primarily due to their strategic and secure locations—e.g., being located next to major hubs of Internet traffic helps ensure maximum bandwidth for Partners and their end-customers on the SaaSplaza Cloud platform.

In addition to their logistical value, SaaSplaza chose these data centers as they are the most compliant in the world: ISAE, SSAE, SOX, ITAR, FISMA, and HIPPA are only some of the regulations to which SaaSplaza data centers adhere (SaaSplaza itself is ISAE and SSAE compliant).

Of course, each data center is subject to local regulations, which is why we offer three different documents detailing the inner-workings of our data centers, one for EMEA,  one for the US, and one for Singapore.

Download EMEA Data Center data sheet (PDF)

Download US Data Center data sheet (PDF)

Download Singapore Data Center data sheet (PDF)