SaaSplaza: 14 Years of Cloud and SaaS Enablement

Want to place your solution in the Cloud, but don’t know where to begin? Want to transform your installed software offering into a software-as-a-service offering? SaaSplaza can make it happen.

Enabling ISV solutions for the Cloud is where it all begins for SaaSplaza. We work with you to make your application ready to be delivered as a service, applying the depth and breadth of our engineering experience and business acumen to ensure smooth sailing on both the provisioning and billing sides of your solution.

And our expertise runs deep on both the technical and business sides.

On the technical side, for example, SaaSplaza was appointed by Microsoft as one of only a few founding "SaaS Incubation Centers" based on our all-encompassing knowledge in onboarding new ISVs, both Microsoft and Linux based.

But part of what sets SaaSplaza apart from other companies that offer Cloud and saas enablement is that we pay as much attention the commercial side as we do to the technical side.

Our ISVs are immediately synched with our extensive network of VARs and Partners (via MySaaSplaza) to gain exposure to new audiences and new customers. Co-op marketing opportunities are always available, and SaaSplaza has a rich history of sponsoring ISV and industry events.

Partnering with SaaSplaza provides you with more than just a Cloud-ready solution—it provides you with a Cloud-ready business.

Contact us today and let us help you find a new home in the Cloud. 

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