The SaaSplaza Offering for ISVs: Partner and Customer Clouds for High-Performing Technologies

Put your solution on SaaSplaza’s Cloud platform and uncover new customers, better serve existing customers, and find new channels with ease. Best of all, SaaSplaza will work with you to make your solution “cloud ready!”

This SaaSplaza Cloud offering enables customer access to your solution through two separate models:

  • the Partner Cloud (multiple customers, managed by a specific Partner, such as you or a VAR), and
  • the Customer Cloud (single customer environment)

This flexibility is unique to SaaSplaza and addresses the needs of most every size and speed of business, from SMBs to Fortune 100s.

Here are the benefits and differences of SaaSplaza’s Cloud offering to ISVs.

The Partner Cloud

  • For repetitive implementations of ISV solutions
  • Multiple customers are running on this white labeled ISV Cloud, giving the ISV the benefit of creating scale advantages and lowering its cost price
  • Initial set up is done by SaaSplaza, but maintenance of the different components can be done by the ISV
  • Only customers belonging to a same ISV will be able to share in a specific Partner cloud environment

The Customer Cloud

  • Best fit for large, specific implementations with deep customization on the ISV’s product and/or integration with other products
  • Infrastructure requirements are scoped and set up for a specific customer
  • Partner will have full rights to maintain the Customer Cloud (from an application point of view)
  • Environments dedicated to a specific customer or end-user can be deployed on Customer Cloud. 


Each Cloud offering is supported on SaaSplaza’s rock-solid infrastructure, and backed by our deep commitment to Cloud security (of systems and data), the latter evidenced by our ongoing annual security certifications.

As always, don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our wildly happy ISVs:

“SaaS plaza is simply the best in the field,” Marco Hollemans, CCS (read more).

“We found the perfect partner in SaaSplaza,” Wiebe van Leyen, LeanApps (read more).

“…information can be accessed immediately [and] settings and security are much easier to manage,” Martinus Kreuze, Hofstaete Kennisgroep (read more).

If you’re ready get more customers and more exposure for your solution by placing it in the Cloud, contact us today.

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