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Cloud Resources

Learn more about SaaSplaza and our global cloud services for Microsoft Dynamics, get the "REAL DEAL" on Cloud Security, learn about the basics of Cloud Computing, the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics from the Cloud and more, with our whitepapers & other resources!

Cloud Security

False security concerns remain a prime blocker to cloud. Understand the REAL DEAL on Cloud Security and what the true threats are - download here

SaaSplaza Infographic

"SaaSplaza In Short" is 11 key facts about SaaSplaza, which show why we are the leading global Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services provider - download here

Cloud vs On-premise

SaaSplaza has identified 7 critical factors to consider when making the choice between Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud or On-premise - download here

10 Cloud Questions

Getting started in the Cloud can be a daunting experience, so here are answers to 10 questions that we hear regularly - download here

Who is SaaSplaza?

Who is SaaSplaza? Where are we? What do we do? What can you expect from us? Learn more about our global Dynamics Cloud network - download here

Dynamics on Azure

Microsoft Azure is the most advanced Cloud platform for business. And wherever there is Azure, we deliver Dynamics - download here

Cloud 101

A simple 5 item “Cloud 101” whitepaper for anyone who has heard the term but needs to shed some light on what it all means - download here


CloudCARE combines tools, methodology, standards & expertise to make your Dynamics Cloud a world class experience - download here