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Dynamics 365 - Indirect CSP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft CSP

SaaSplaza is both an Indirect and Direct CSP.  Under the Indirect CSP model, we sell and support Dynamics 365 (and other CSP Services) to customers in collaboration with other Microsoft Partners. Under the Direct CSP model we work directly with customers.

If you work with SaaSplaza as your Indirect CSP, you'll earn the Microsoft CSP rebates, without the investments required to build full CSP capabilities and a comprehensive 24/7 support organisation.

With SaaSplaza as your Indirect CSP for Dynamics 365:

  • You remain the Microsoft Partner-of-Record for each customer & earn the deal recognition
  • You receive the rebates and associated benefits, without the risks

 A CSP Partnership with SaaSplaza is a non-exclusive relationship & does not conflict with other CSP arrangements you might have, either Direct with Microsoft or Indirect with other providers. Want to know more?

Download the Indirect CSP Fact Sheet

 Why SaaSplaza as your Indirect CSP?

SaaSplaza CloudCARE provides services in 5 areas for Partners and Dynamics 365 customers - Sales Support, Contract & Risk Management, Administration & Invoicing, Implementation Expertise and 24/7 Global Support:

Sales Support

Effectively selling Cloud Services requires different competencies compared to standard sales competencies. You can utilise our extensive Cloud pre-sales & sales experience.

Contract & Risk Management

SaaSplaza will contract directly with customers for the CSP Services, including the Dynamics 365 licenses. We do this so the risk of potential liabilities and potential damage claims rests with SaaSplaza, not you. You also contract directly with the customer for the services you provide.

Administration & Invoicing

The administration of Cloud Services is more complex than the administration required for regular projects. Providing accurate invoices for Cloud Services is also complicated and time consuming.

Implementation Support

Coping with the LCS & CSP overhead is not something your engineers need to contend with. Instead, let them concentrate on customer requirements. SaaSplaza engineers will manage the overhead.

24/7 Global Support

As a business critical application, the availability and stability of Dynamics 365 is key. If there are issues, customers expect timely, accurate communication, regardless of who handles their issues. Our experienced Support Staff ensure a professional and accurate experience.

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