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At SaaSplaza, Dynamics CRM is not merely an offer or a service—it’s a community comprised of our engineers, our ISVs, and our Partners and their customers.

And it’s a community that is disparate and dispersed but concurrently unified and localized… and it’s all because we’re all working in the Cloud.

Download: Benefits of CRM in the Cloud (PDF)
Download: Common Questions about CRM in the Cloud (PDF)

Why Dynamics CRM in the Cloud?

The reason your customers seek out a CRM system is to enjoy faster access to critical customer data that they can use to better build their businesses.

The challenge with an on-premise version of any CRM system is that it requires attention, maintenance, updating, etc. So what good is the customer data gathered by Dynamics CRM if no one has the bandwidth to act on it?

Putting Dynamics CRM in the Cloud with SaaSplaza will give your customers what they want more than anything: all the CRM data they require through a system that is constantly up-to-date and that requires no maintenance or attention from the people using it.

The less time they have to spend maintaining their CRM system, the more time they can spend on what really matters.

Why Dynamics CRM in the Cloud with SaaSplaza?

This is where the rubber hits the road, because with Dynamics CRM, going online when you want has never been a challenge. But going online how you want... that's different. With SaaSplaza you enjoy...

  • Extensive ISV solutions: make your customers' Dynamics CRM platforms fit their lines of business with ease with dozens of vertical additions.
  • Extensive customizability: CRM is not a one-way street—ensure each solution is customized to meet each customer's business AND operational needs.
  • Whitelabeling: you're the one with the customer relationships, so you're the one with the solution. With SaaSplaza, you always own your customers.
  • Support, support, support: we have a team of engineering professionals available to help plan, implement, deploy your solution, and support YOU.

Fully Integrated, from Day One

Dynamics CRM works with Outlook and other business systems your customers are already using, so improvements in customer insight are basically instantaneous. CRM data is pumped right into your customers’ inboxes!

It’s not just Outlook, of course. Perhaps no Dynamics offering has more vertical add-ons and customizations, and through our ISV network, SaaSplaza can empower Dynamics Partners and their customers with a custom fit in the Cloud for almost any business need.

And Dynamics CRM is easy to access and manage with MySaaSplaza, too. You can manage users yourself, or empower your customers to do so.

All this, along with SaaSplaza’s simple per user, per month billing plan, helps deliver the true flexibility promised by Dynamics CRM. In the Cloud with SaaSplaza, you can adjust costs easily and deliver custom CRM power to wherever it’s needed.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics CRM VAR or Partner looking for a Cloud partner, contact SaaSplaza immediately. 

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