Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 in the Cloud with SaaSplaza

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is easily Microsoft's most Cloud-ready version ever. (Note that this page is all about NAV on SaaSplaza's Cloud platform; click here for details on NAV on Azure.)

Download: Benefits of NAV in the Cloud (PDF)
Download: Common Questions about NAV in the Cloud (PDF)

And SaaSplaza—a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner in Hosting (and one of the world's only such Partners with a specific focus on Dynamics)—will ensure that both Microsoft Partners/VARs AND NAV 2013 end-users get the most from this powerful solution as quickly as possible.

How? For starters, with SaaSplaza's new NAV 2013 provisioning system, a Partner can serve up an instance of NAV 2013 in about five minutes.

In the time it once took to provision one instance of NAV, you can now provision 10. Which makes for a fast path for businesses to increase control over administration and organization, and to improve overall business practices using NAV.

SaaSplaza's provisioning portal is an ideal addition to any Microsoft Dynamics Partner’s product portfolio.

Low Month-to-Month Pricing Model Drives More Business

Part of what makes SaaSplaza a successful Cloud Dynamics NAV partner is its pricing model. Instead of asking Partners to charge their customers up-front for their ERP platform—creating a capital expenditure—SaaSplaza charges per user, per month, delivering an operating expense.

This model addresses the needs of the many possible customers out there that would benefit greatly from Dynamics NAV, but who hesitate because of the initial cash layout usually required. But with SaaSplaza’s Cloud pricing, they can be brought on-board immediately as the entry costs for Dynamics NAV in the Cloud are far lower than they are for on-premise.

From the Closet to the Cloud

If you have customers currently enjoying Dynamics NAV via an on-premise solution, moving them from their server closet to the SaaSplaza Cloud presents no problem as we can easily import existing databases into the Cloud. Additionally, multiple environments may be created for the Partner (e.g., acceptance and production databases) so that customizations can be tested before influencing the “live” environment.

The Ideal Fit for NAV

Dynamics NAV is ideal for small and midsized organizations—regardless of how specialized their business needs may be. And with SaaSplaza, meeting specialized needs is our specialty, as the platform can be easily extended with vertical-specific add-ons from our many ISV partners.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics Partner selling NAV or any Microsoft ERP and CRM platform, contact SaaSplaza immediately. Selling this comprehensive ERP system as a Cloud based solution will open many doors for you, and deliver a source of recurring revenue that will benefit you for years to come.

This chart shows where NAV has been, and where it's going. And all signs point to the Cloud.

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