SaaSplaza’s Cloud Platform Helps “Kick” Friss into a Higher Gear


Friss (or to give the company its full name: Friss Fraud and Risk Management) offers products and services in the field of fraud detection and risk management. Friss Detectie (Friss Detection), part of FRiss Suite, is their best known product.

“Most of our clients come from the financial services industry,” says Friss director Christian van Leeuwen. “Our client base includes insurers and mortgage banks, but also housing corporations and local councils. We offer a platform which enables clients to execute a fraud check or risk assessment in real time. It is coupled to their own processes and measures variations in behavior, patterns, registration or previous insurance claims. All these data put together result in a score. This score determines whether or not a case merits closer investigation. Our Friss Check is used for new contracts, new insurance policies, or new mortgages. We offer a platform complete with all the follow up procedures.”


In 2008, Friss decided to offer its software as a service and make the change from traditional software distribution to the Cloud. Nearly all clients, particularly large volume insurers, were choosing saas, and Friss had to act to ensure their clients’ needs were met. Enter SaaSplaza.


The Friss Fraud Platform, hosted in the Cloud by SaaSplaza, enables new clients to access Friss Suite without delay. Friss Detection is available as an online fraud check which can be requested at any time during the acceptance or damage claims process and the resulting score—complete with motivation and source—is sent back instantly.

“The change over to SaaSplaza was very easy,” Christian says. “I think it took less than six months.”


“We used to be traditional software providers,” says Chrisian. “To implement Friss Suite required an elaborate implementation process. Now we have instant roll out and implementation. All the client has to do is make the connection with his own system.”

“There is more than one reason we chose SaaSlaza, but the most important one is that SaaSplaza is SAS 70, type II certified. It’s something many financial services providers require and SaaSplaza has it. It comes with the package. Our Service Level Agreements also stipulate that SaaSplaza takes on environment management for us, not just the technical environment but performance monitoring as well. We save on investment in specialist knowledge that is beyond our scope and so keep expenses down. Because we are buying a service we can pass on the costs to the clients. In this way we are benefitting from economies of scale as well,” says Christian.

“All in all, the partnership with SaaSplaza kicked us into a higher gear.”