SAS 70 II, SSAE 16, and ISAE 3402: How SaaSplaza Ensures Cloud Security

As part of our unrelenting focus on data security and integrity, SaaSplaza undergoes a rigorous annual audit via a virtual regulatory system, getting certified as a SAS 70 Type II provider (in 2012, SAS 70 has been replaced by SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402).

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SAS70 Type II Certification

For years, SAS-70 was the world leading auditing standard for Service Providers such as SaaSplaza. It found its origin in supporting SOX compliancy in the USA. Since 2006, SaaSplaza has been SAS type II is only one of the few Service Providers in the world who qualifies for this standard.

Since its arrival, the SAS 70 auditing standard has been the worldwide de facto platform used for reporting on controls at service organizations like SaaSplaza.

With a SAS-70 type II certification, SaaSplaza easily demonstrated that we has taken measures to prevent adverse effects on customer data. Conversely, without a SAS-70 type II statement there is no evidence that relevant management controls operate effectively.

SSAE 16 Certification

SSAE 16 was made final by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in January 2010. It replaces SAS 70 as the authoritative certification for reporting on service organizations.

It was created with the intention of updating the US service organization reporting standard in order that it may reflect and comply with the new international service organization reporting standard, ISAE 3402.

ISAE 3402 Certification

ISAE 3402 certifications are generally performed by control-oriented professionals with professional experience in accounting, auditing, and information security. An ISAE 3402 certification allows a service organization to have its control policies and procedures evaluated and tested (in the case of a Type II engagement) by an independent party. SaaSplaza gets both certifications (SSAE 167 and IOSAE 3402) as we’re a truly global provider with a consistent focus on data security and integrity in the Cloud. No one is more committed to Cloud security than SaaSplaza.