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Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud with SaaSplaza

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud delivers a powerful, scalable Cloud ERP solution that is cost efective and simple to maintain. The latest version of NAV, 2013 R2, is called "The most Cloud ready version of NAV" for many reasons. For example, you can get it from Azure or tailored private cloud with SaaSplaza; you can have Office 365 seamlessly integrated into both the Web and Windows NAV client with SaaSplaza (we also resell Office 365 licenses), and; we can provide you with Subscription Licensing services for NAV 2013 R2 as well.

SaaSplaza also provides a self-service automated Cloud Provisioning Panel for NAV that allows you to manage all these services for yourself, including fast NAV provisioning with just a few simple clicks.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 + Office 365

Get Cloud Experienced

Experience NAV 2013 R2 on Azure integrated with Office 365.

Get started: request your demo environment, which includes:

  • NAV 2013 R2 on Azure, or the SaaSplaza cloud
  • Integrate Office365 with single sign-on (for both the Web or Windows Client)
  • Add your database and vertical solutions
  • At a low, fixed cost per month

Get Started? GO

Share the demo with your customer and show them the power of a scalable, cost effective Cloud ERP! Move them quickly and easily through pre-production into production and start earning recurring revenue.
With the pace of Cloud ERP adoption around the world increasing rapidly, you need to be in the Cloud today. Talk to SaaSplaza and we'll help get your Cloud Business started!
Forget support that only covers "normal working hours" in only one country! When you work with SaaSplaza our standard is to give you all-inclusive 24/7 global support via our 3 regional hotlines, at no extra cost.
Subscription Licensing
SaaSplaza can also provide Subscription Licensing for NAV 2013 R2 (and GP 2013). Visit our Subscription Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics page for more information or contact us to get started.
Office 365 integration
SaaSplaza is a reseller of Office 365 in EMEA and the Americas. In these markets we can also help you create Office 365 trials, so you can experience the integration into NAV 2013 R2 – and you can contact us to help you with Office 365 licenses in these markets.
If you create your own Office 365 trial for use in the SaaSplaza demo environment, SaaSplaza will need your trial admin credentials to apply the integration. This is only required for demos.

Low monthly pricing model drives more business

Part of what makes SaaSplaza a successful Cloud NAV partner is its pricing model. Instead of asking Partners to charge their customers up-front for their ERP platform, creating a capital expenditure, SaaSplaza charges per user, per month, delivering an operating expense.

This model addresses the changing requirements of many businesses that would benefit greatly from Dynamics NAV, but who hesitate because of the large initial cash layout usually required. But with SaaSplaza’s Cloud pricing, they can be brought on board immediately as the entry costs for Cloud NAV are far lower than they are for on-premise.

From the Cabinet to the Cloud

If you have customers currently enjoying Dynamics NAV via an on-premise solution, moving them from their server cabinet to the SaaSplaza Cloud or Azure presents no problem as we can easily import existing databases into the Cloud. Additionally, demo and pre-production environments can be created for acceptance testing, and so that any customisations and vertical solutions can be tested before reaching the production environment.

The ideal fit for NAV

Dynamics NAV is ideal for many small and midsized organisations, regardless of how specialised their business needs may be. And with SaaSplaza, meeting specialized needs is our specialty, as the platform can be easily extended with vertical solutions from almost any ISV.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics Partner selling NAV or any Microsoft ERP and CRM platform, contact SaaSplaza. Selling this comprehensive ERP system as a Cloud based solution will open many doors for you, and deliver a source of recurring revenue that will benefit you for years to come.


More about NAV

SaaSplaza support most versions of NAV into the Cloud. The most recent (March 2014) figures from ERP Software Blog's report on Microsoft Dynamics usage state that more than 102,000 companies around the world are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The latest NAV release is NAV 2013 R2. There is more information on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV overview and Microsoft Dynamics website.

Contact SaaSplaza today for questions, pricing and more information.