Having a fast, reliable backup solution relieves the SaaSplaza staff of backup-related work and stress, and enables the company to meet its rapidly growing commitments to protect customer data.
The new Microsoft Cloud Partner competencies require significant customer consumption of Microsoft Azure before they can be earned.
After provisioning more than 50 NAV 2015 on Azure trials, 2014 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics member SaaSplaza now offers free demo environments to all Dynamics Partners.
SaaSplaza makes it simple for Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world to ‘Go Cloud’.
Mit dem Büro in München erhöht SaaSplaza sein Engagement und unterstützt Microsoft Dynamics Partner, den stark steigenden Bedarf ihrer Dynamics ERP und CRM Kunden zu bedienen, Branchenlösungen in der Cloud anzubieten.
“Our success is built on the success of hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world, who have made the strategic decision to work with SaaSplaza to deliver their Cloud ER
SaaSplaza, the leading Cloud Services Provider for Microsoft Dynamics, has joined the prestigious 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, an elite group of t
SaaSplaza International announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Berend-Jan van Maanen as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.
SaaSplaza today announced it has been selected to join the Microsoft Azure Circle Partner program, a group of specialised Microsoft partner organisations that provide deployment planning services for or
Asterisk Computer Pte Ltd of Singapore and PASI (Performance Advantage Systems International) Inc.