The Microsoft Stack: The Only Foundation for SaaSplaza’s Cloud Platform

The SaaSplaza Infrastructure is built on the complete Microsoft stack, with full support for Linux-based applications. Choosing Microsoft for our foundation ensures we are going with the biggest name in the world for the most important business there is—YOUR business.

And in Q1, 2013, we completed a massive renewal of our infrastructure to deliver increases in both availability and scalability (read details about this Cloud infrastructure overhaul in an interview between SaaSplaza COO Dik van Brummen's and Dutch News).

Cloud control is now made easier with all virtualized servers and applications on the Microsoft platform, which delivers better performance and increased—and easy—self-service.

The Benefits of Building on Hyper-V & System Center

By going with Microsoft and Hyper-V, we have a high availability platform that enables us to quickly and smoothly roll out servers and software through an automated process.

Perhaps more importantly, by going with Microsoft and Hyper-V, we are ensuring that your Cloud platform is FULLY supported by Microsoft. While you can run Dynamics Cloud solutions on other virtualization technologies (XEN, VMware, etc.), the technology SaaSplaza has chosen is fully tested and supported by Microsoft (read more here).

Management and monitoring are comprehensive and stretch from server environment to the application level, specifically pertaining to Dynamics ERP and CRM applications.


With System Center, we can simplify management via designated modules. Rolling out a new server or a new application can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Hyper-V also delivers to SaaSplaza—and, naturally, our Partners, too—the added advantage of possessing a more efficient, performance enhancing memory management than other systems. Should one of the virtual servers need more memory space it can borrow some from other servers on the same bare metal which happen not to be using it at the time. Which means more uptime.

Another important advantage lies with the System Center self-service tools, which enables us to monitor environments on a comprehensive online dashboard, print reports, etc.

Building exclusively on the Microsoft stack enables us to give our Partners an extremely powerful cloud environment. For more information on the SaaSplaza infrastructure, send inquiries to 

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