At SaaSplaza, Security in the Cloud Is Our #1 Priority

Confidentiality. Privacy. Data protection. Trust.

For many organizations considering a move to the Cloud, it all boils down to one word: security.

But for all the hype about whether or not the Cloud is secure the fact is that the Cloud is as secure or, in many cases, more secure than most on-premise solutions.

That’s not true. Actually, the Cloud is MORE secure than any on-premise solution.

securityCloud Security through Compliance

Why is the Cloud a safer choice than on-premise?

Part of it is due to a virtual regulatory system set-up to ensure safety and security, such as SSAE16 and ISAE3402 certification (which replaced SAS70 Type II).

Every year, SaaSplaza is audited by PWC for its ISAE 3402 and SSAE16 certification, and data security is a main topic of these audits.

SaaSplaza embraces both certifications as SSAE16 is an "attestation" standard, while ISAE 3402 is an "assurance" standard. While the standards are technically different, they both require management to provide a description of its "system" and a written statement of assertion.

SaaSplaza’s commitment to Cloud security is transparent, and so not only do we adhere to both certifications, we also make available each audit report to our customers and Partner on request.

Cloud Security through Redundancy

Another larger part of why security for Cloud solutions trumps on-premise solutions is simply that a large driver behind Cloud platforms is recovery and redundancy. Put your data in the Cloud, and it is stored securely forever. However, if something happens to the “premise” in on-premise, your data may no longer be secured; worse, it may be destroyed.

Cloud Security through a Rock-Solid Infrastructure

In the Cloud with SaaSplaza, there are not only regular backups within a server or data center, there are also redundancies via different data centers that span the globe. And the infrastructure on which the SaaSplaza cloud is built is housed in Tier 3 data centers, which offer the industry’s highest physical protection standard.

Additionally, within our data centers, network access ports are disabled by default so that no one may physically connect to our network from a data center.

Learn more about SaaSplaza's data centers.

Cloud Security through Software

The SaaSplaza Cloud has a multi-level security structure with four layers of firewalls, with customer data stored in the deepest layer. The network is segmented and layered to filter and restrict access, and any administrative access over any public is encrypted to ensure no capture of data during transmission.

Cloud Security through SaaSplaza

At SaaSplaza, we know that security is more than a “feature” or “benefit. At SaaSplaza, security is a mindset and it starts with our people. Not only do we carefully vet each employee before hiring (e.g., with background checks), we also re-vet them each year, train them, each year, and have them sign-off on our security documents each year.

And we understand that security equals privacy, and our privacy policy—which applies right now, even as you're only viewing our website—is second to none.

At SaaSplaza, we take more measures than anyone to protect customer data, and that includes any other Cloud company AND any on-premise installation.