Why SaaSplaza? Flexibility, Security, Reliability, and a Global Footprint


SaaSplaza was essentially “born” in the Cloud. Starting as a pure software-as-a-service (saas) provider more than 14 years ago, SaaSplaza's infrastructure is built on the Microsoft stack, with full support for Linux-based applications.

SaaSplaza currently serves hundreds of ISVs and Microsoft partners and hundreds of thousands of customers enjoying the true flexibility of the Cloud across the entire world, and we mean THE WORLD.

With staff and data centers across the globe—including locations or team members in The Netherlands (Amsterdam EMEA HQ), United States (San Diego, US HQ), Ashburn, Singapore, and China (Hangzhou) for starters—SaaSplaza is the only Cloud provider with a real global footprint.

And SaaSplaza puts security first, both internally (being SAS70 Type II certified since 2006) and externally, with infrastructure housed in Tier 3 data centers, offering the industry’s highest physical protection standards.

SaaSplaza Delivers True Flexibility

Security, reliability, and global reach are definitely concerns for many companies when they think about moving software and/or services to the Cloud.

But the main driver pushing them to the Cloud has always been flexibility. However, flexibility is not just a technology integration issue: it’s a BUSINESS issue.

A business must be able to scale up or down quickly, and cannot afford to pay for things it doesn’t use, like software licenses on machines that sit silent, which are critical components in lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

With the Cloud and SaaSplaza, lower TCO is assured, because technology is no longer a capital investment; it’s a flexible operating cost.

Some companies offer you freedom and flexibility and the first thing they do is make you sign a 1 to 3 year contract. Not SaaSplaza. We offer month-to-month commitments, starting with as little as 1 user and scaling… What good is a “flexible” platform if a customer is tied to it for years?

Flexibility in pricing is one thing SaaSplaza has identified as fuel for moving to the cloud, but that’s just the beginning.

A Cloud Service, Not a Server

We would like you—our solutions providers, our Dynamics partners, and anyone working with the Cloud—to understand that the Cloud is not simply a place for a solution but a necessary piece of a solution.

Some companies offer you “the cloud” and then, in essence, sell you a hosting server. Not SaaSplaza. We ensure that our partners have not just the space they need, but support and the service, too, 24/7/365.

We help you to make your solutions and offers Cloud-ready. We provide a full service, not a server.

Much of the SaaSplaza delivers is detailed in our Service Level Agreement, which we proudly place alongside any other in the world. It includes:

  • Up time guarantee of 99.9%--not just for the infrastructure, but for application availability
  • Capacity management: SaaSplaza takes proactive action for scaling up the infrastructure
  • Responsibility for back-up every day/week and month
  • Disaster recovery
  • Operational management of the infrastructure
  • Maintenance of infrastructure (security, operating system management, hardware and software renewal, etc.) and middleware software components
  • Technical application management to secure uptime.
  • Proactive monitoring availability, security, capacity, continuity and critical business processes
  • Annual extended SSAE16 (US) and ISAE E3402 (International) certifications for the fifth year in a row

Contact us today and experience the difference of “going Cloud” with SaaSplaza.

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