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IPS Ingredis

IPS-Ingredis Improves Trading Operations and Application Performance with SaaSplaza’s Managed Dynamics Services

IPS-Ingredis helps you secure quality food and beverage ingredients, in a cost optimized way, from anywhere around the world—now on the first global digital sourcing platform. Last year alone, IPS-Ingredis delivered 79,214 tons of food and beverage ingredients, sourced from 38 countries and sold to over 300 customers across 49 countries. Headquartered in the Swiss canton of Zug, IPS-Ingredis is part of the IPS Group of companies, focused on providing an integrated offering of services for the complete lifecycle of the food and beverage production industry.

IPS-Ingredis Partners with SaaSplaza to Leverage Dynamics AX and Reimagine Trading Operations

IPS-Ingredis was transforming their trading operations and wanted a partner who understood and could meet their data security and cloud service support expectations. IPS-Ingredis chose SaaSplaza’s managed Dynamics services to build and host their solution in a secure environment, so they could shift the focus of their valuable technology resources towards digitizing their trading operations to meet their evolving business needs for increased accuracy and efficiency. The choice for SaaSplaza was validated by their extensive architecting knowledge and collaborative attitude.

“SaaSplaza was instrumental in supporting us with the right expert resources throughout the onboarding process. Due to SaaSplaza’s hosting and support, consistent uptime benefits our overall business performance and application reliability increased.”

IPS-Ingredis deployed a commodity trading risk management (CTRM) application, which is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX as a cloud-based solution. The project started with an initial 10 users with the setup of the pre-production environments to support the application implementation development. For SaaSplaza to design the right setup, they worked closely with IPS-Ingredis to understand their current and future business requirements. Once the bespoke solution and proper testing were complete, the production environment was brought online, and the full launch was completed soon after, onboarding an additional 30 daily users.

Digital Transformation and Ongoing Collaboration

With a trusted partner maintaining their CTRM cloud service security and support needs, IPS-Ingredis can now focus on elevating what they do best—sourcing and supplying ingredients, from anywhere in the world—through the digitization of the global soft commodity trading business and the expansion of their digital sales platform. By offering transparency at every stage of a transaction, accountability for the multiple counterparties involved, and self-enablement in a marketplace format, IPS-Ingredis is looking to lead the digital revolution for the sourcing of ingredients worldwide.

“We wanted a trusted partner to enable us to focus on elevating what we do best, so we can drive the expansion of our global sales footprint through the digitization of our services for all people involved in the buying and selling of soft commodities.”