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Enterprise businesses need a reliable, secure and scalable IT infrastructure to meet the demands of today and tomorrow in a cost effective way. This can represent quite a challenge, because technology and security requirements are changing constantly and expert IT resources are scarce. That’s why moving to the cloud and choosing an experienced managed services provider has been and continues to be an important decision.

Increasing market pressure on enterprise companies requires you to create competitive advantages for clients faster than ever before.* Staying ahead of the competition by serving your customers in the best possible way with innovations and intelligent solutions is crucial. To get there, many enterprises follow a Cloud-First strategy and free up IT staff to focus on innovation and customer value instead. This enables you to really digitally transform your business and make it future-proof.
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SaaSplaza Makes a Difference with Managed Cloud Services

SaaSplaza is a global leading cloud provider of Microsoft Azure, with over 20 years of experience. We hold the highest level of Azure Expert creditation by Microsoft, and provide enterprise-grade managed cloud services to more than 800 enterprises globally. We have a vast experience in designing, managing, and optimizing business critical cloud applications on Microsoft Azure. Our experts are at your service 24/7 to guarantee the highest possible uptime and high-end security for your applications. By managing your cloud platform, you can focus on your core business and your customers, and transform your company into a future-proof business.

Stay Ahead and Benefit from our Value Adds: 

  • Optimize Performance - SaaSplaza monitors your performance actively 24x7 and assists you to use the cloud to its full potential.

  • Increase Cost Efficiency - Moving to the cloud reduces your cost for IT admin, and overall infrastructure costs. We can autoscale and script up and down, so you only pay for what you need. We can advise, through continuous improvement cycles, to make use of the best possible technology options.

  • Bolster Security and Governance - SaaSplaza's platform, people and processes ensure the highest safety for our customers, because we know that this is crucial when it comes to applications and business solutions in the cloud. 

  • Reduce (legacy) Complexity - We assist your business to take a Cloud journey step by step. With best practice tooling and our Cloud Solution Architect experts, we help you assess your business and IT needs and help you transform into your desired enterprise architecture landscape.

  • SaaSplaza Cloud Readiness Framework - We bring enterprise companies into the Cloud with our four step approach, in four weeks.

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