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What real benefits does business get from the cloud?

What is it that companies value most about Microsoft Dynamics from the cloud?
Hamish Haldane
February 03 2016

While the Cloud can indeed deliver cost savings to business, our recent customer survey results reveal the benefits that business really appreciate – and they may surprise you!

We recently surveyed our direct customers, and the results were absorbing. A “direct customer” at SaaSplaza meets two criteria: 1) they are a company whom we have a direct commercial relationship with, instead of a commercial relationship that goes via a Microsoft Partner, and; 2) they are using Microsoft Dynamics ERP from the Cloud with SaaSplaza to power their organisation.

What that means is these results come direct from the coal face, straight from the horse’s mouth, from the businesses who rely on Dynamics Cloud from SaaSplaza.

A question in our Customer Feedback Survey asked: Please rate the benefits you receive from Cloud Services from 1 through to 5, where one is the most significant benefit.

Here are the results:

  MOST       LEAST
  1 2 3 4 5
Cost Savings 26% 14% 14% 0% 43%
Operational Efficiency 44% 0% 14% 29% 14%
Achieve Innovation 15% 0% 72% 0% 15%
Drive Business growth 15% 14% 0% 71% 0%
Business Agility 0% 72% 0% 0% 28%

While Cost Savings feature prominently, earning 26% of the most significant benefit vote, the majority (44%) voted for Operational Efficiency as their first choice advantage. Achieve Innovation and Drive Business Growth also featured as first choice benefits, with 15% each.

Cost Savings also scored highest in the least significant benefit category, with 43% of the vote.

In another key result, Business Agility did not receive any votes as the most significant benefit, yet it did earn 72% of the votes for the second most important benefit.

While the Cloud represents a mixed bag when it comes to cost savings, in the short run for customers the results show that improved Operational Efficiency and Business Agility are key advantages that customers enjoy from the cloud.

This helps businesses benefit from unpredictable markets around the world, being better able to weather any potential downturns as well as react quickly when business cycles are on the upswing again.

Without the heavy lifting required to manage on-premise infrastructure, the cloud allows business to harness new technology that assists in capturing market share and increasing profitability.


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