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Ensuring a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to support remote workers has become increasingly important for all companies in today's circumstances.
As an Azure Expert MSP, we follow Microsoft developments closely. Last year, Microsoft came out with Azure Lighthouse, a service that allows a customer to delegate rights to another party to manage their resources.
Many companies waste a lot of time and money moving to the cloud. Rather than just paying for the solution they need, they often overspend and make their move unnecessarily complex. 
We’re living in strange and unprecedented times – no doubt about it. COVID-19 caught a lot of companies completely by surprise. No-one was quite prepared for the magnitude of the changes we’d all have to make. 
Pretty much every IT person knows the advantages of cloud computing. But for cost-focused C-suite executives, migration can look like an unnecessary expense – particularly when the average organization has just finished paying €1 million+ over three years for IT infrastructure.
As businesses we are all doing our upmost best, along with governments and health organizations, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as we informed you about
RIB Software has signed a contract with a leading international robotics company. The contract was executed through RIB's ERP division, Levtech Consulting.
Migrating your company’s infrastructure to the cloud is becoming a surefire way of getting the speed, capacity, and access your business, clients, and employees need to keep pace with the demands of the modern enterprise.