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Many people have already forgotten it for convenience’s sake: that credit crisis. Of all branches of industry, construction was hit the hardest.
If you type the word ‘Cloud’ into Google, there are more than 5 billion results. In short, it is a theme which definitely lives. According to Gartner, from 2020 onwards, every new software vendor will start in the cloud.
How do companies working in the digital world maintain control, stay secure and deliver what they promise?
SaaSplaza’s dedication to our global customers has earned us our Gold Partner membership with Microsoft. With six gold level competencies and three more silver, we are working hard and dedicating ourselves to be the best managed services provider possible.
Every year Microsoft organizes Microsoft Inspire for its partners and employees. This is an event in which they look back and reflect on the past year (Microsoft has a financial year from June-July) and look ahead to the future. In addition, this is the place where new impressions are gained and new solutions, products or price changes are shared. This year, Inspire took place in Las Vegas for the second time. In this blog, we’ll share the most important themes and impressions that we’ve received.
Flexible companies are fit companies; they can react faster to changes that constitute opportunities or threats. These companies are more agile, and therefore have more competitive power. You can bet that satisfaction is high on the agenda at these companies. An important condition for success is a modern and digital workplace- one with which you can work both inside and outside your company and collaborate efficiently, as well as a working climate in which you are allowed to do your work anywhere.
SaaSplaza’s Tailored Cloud Services Keep Your Business Accelerating
Technology is beautiful! But we don't want to wait for it.
In this blog, we take a look at User Adoption, adding functionality and updates, documentation and understanding architecture, measuring, business value, customer value, and IT value, and celebrating success.
In our third DevOps blog, we will show that the real power comes from the psychological effect- namely, the realization of a team that has both the possibility and the power to provide an integral and intrinsic service to your client to achieve real customer success.