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Thanks to the developments of Cloud technologies, the way software is distributed has changed drastically in the last ten years. As software increasingly enters the Cloud, traditional software development companies will have to assess how to navigate the path to providing Cloud applications.
The Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP) program allows partners to sell Cloud Services, such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and EMS, it is available in 247 geographical locations. Microsoft delivers the program to partners both directly and indirectly.
Dynamics 365 Business Central is great for new customers, and while SaaSplaza can help partners sell more Dynamics 365 Business Central subscriptions by joining our CSP program, that’s
With Microsoft’s recent announcements, you might be wondering if the time is right to make the jump to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Blog with key insights for Dynamics NAV Partners on Dynamics 365 Business Central
Not interested in upgrading from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365? Feeling left out of all the Advancements in the Cloud?  You can benefit from running your Dynamics GP on Azure!
Microsoft Dynamics can be deployed On-premise and in the Cloud. Many companies are considering changing the delivery method of their Dynamics application because hardware is end of life and they want to take advantage of the cloud as they look to upgrade.
To address the last matter: Microsoft has announced to release Dynamics 365 Tenerife* on April 1, 2018, however the functionalities aren’t known yet.