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The Business Value of Dynamics 365

What business pains does Dynamics 365 solve?

Get – and Pay for – only what you need

Dynamics 365 integrates modular applications (think Lego bricks) that you can buy to suit the requirements for the different roles and functions, and the processes, within your business. This flexibility doesn’t create siloed applications and business units however! On the contrary, Dynamics 365 uses a Cloud-powered “single version of the truth” data model so it operates right across any organisation.

Therefore, from within the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, you could implement Dynamics 365 for Sales in your sales teams and Dynamics 365 for Operations in your finance department. Then, for example, you can automatically update manufacturing and supply chain schedules for more cost effective and responsive planning and delivery. At the same time, as sales create and deliver quotes and contracts, finance can ensure the correct tax rules, pricing & discount calculations (or whatever is needed) are in place, and automatically update forecasts for more accurate and cost effective planning and reporting.

Don't forget that you can also just start with Dynamics 365 for Sales or Dynamics 365 for Operations or another of the applications, to get familiar with Dynamics 365. All this is done with complete visibility within a single system, without the need to switch between multiple applications and different software suites.

A picture is worth 1,000 words…

Delivering a single data model is great, but Power BI takes that data to create dashboards and customisable, real-time reporting with real impact.

Familiarity and seamless integration drive productivity

Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel. Familiar, powerful tools – even on their own - that many people use every day. Dynamics 365 integrates Office 365, so familiar tools like Outlook and Excel are all that are required to be even more productive. The days of switching between different applications and copying or re-entering data are gone. For example, sales teams can respond quickly and directly in Office 365 with accurate quotes that are created based on information from both the Finance and Sales applications without needing to leave Outlook.

Evolve FAST:

Dynamics 365 takes away the barriers between CRM, ERP, Office and other disparate legacy technology systems.

This allows business to change and evolve fast and effectively. The single data model creates the opportunity to build custom applications that are not limited to individual business units or systems, and can be integrated easily into third party data and applications.

You can also use AppSource to find and integrate industry and/or function specific solutions into your Dynamics 365.

Get Smart:

Cortana Intelligence provides the platform to discover, analyse and apply data to be better informed and to make better decisions.

For example, Cortana can integrate IoT data from different sources and deliver it to the right people. So service engineers can monitor any process or system and take action as needed, scheduling routine maintenance or taking pre-emptive action to ensure zero service disruption.