Cloud Readiness Framework

Four Steps for Software Companies to be in the Cloud in Four Weeks


Are you best at creating and selling great software? Do you want to bring your application to the cloud and start earning with your Cloud-First strategy today rather than tomorrow?

SaaSplaza helps software companies to be ready in the cloud in four weeks. With the help of Azure Experts and Consultancy tailored to their needs, we bring software companies into the Cloud with our four step approach: the SaaSplaza Cloud Readiness Framework.

The Cloud Readiness Framework gets software companies ready to be Cloud-first with their application in four weeks. A guided, proven approach that gives software companies the confidence to enter Cloud and allows them to transform to a subscription-based business model.


4 steps to be cloud ready for Software companies

Get ready to be Cloud-first with your application in four weeks with the Cloud Readiness Framework


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These four steps are covered in the Cloud Readiness Framework:


Workshop with Cloud consultants of SaaSplaza and a quick scan delivers a tailored report detailing your ambitions and requirements.


Technical deep dive with SaaSplaza Cloud Architect  – shaping the key decisions, roadmap and design.

Proof & Readiness

A tailored Proof of Concept environment on Azure to test your application, identify issues and prepare for go live.

Cloud Success

Your application is now Cloud ready and you can sell your cloud software to customers and easily onboard them.

Benefits of the Cloud Readiness Framework:

  • Transform your business to Cloud-first and subscription-based selling with confidence.
  • Integrated and proven approach, based on SaaSplaza’s years of experience to migrate software to the cloud.
  • In four weeks, SaaSplaza guides you through the four essential steps to set you up for cloud success.
  • Maximize your efficiency and keep focus on what you do best: creating innovative software solutions.

Start your transformation to the cloud today  and be Cloud-ready in four weeks

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