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Resources and Whitepapers to Download

Learn more about SaaSplaza and our global Dynamics and Azure expertise from our whitepapers and brochures on Dynamics, Cloud Computing, Azure, Security and Dynamics 365. 

SaaSplaza whitepaper Microsoft Dynamics AX NAV GP cloud computing or on premise

Dynamics Cloud Whitepaper

Many companies are considering changing the delivery method of their Dynamics application because hardware is end of life and they want to take advantage of the cloud as they look to upgrade. How do you choose between Cloud and On-Premise? What is the best fit for your organization? This SaaSplaza whitepaper addresses 7 aspects when it comes to Dynamics in cloud or on-premise.

Factsheet Azure Services for ISVs

Azure Services for Software Companies

Software companies can achieve more with Azure. SaaSplaza allows Software Companies to focus more on their core business and maximize their performance. Find out how how we make the difference by downloading the Factsheet Azure Services for Software Companies. 

Cloud Security

False security concerns remain a prime blocker to cloud. This whitepaper describes the security threats that impact a range of industries and demonstrates how Cloud is the most secure option to counteract those threats. Additionally, this analysis also presents an overview of the additional benefits of a Cloud solution not related to enhanced security.

Microsoft Partners Indirect CSP Tier 2

Indirect CSP Services

Microsoft Partners can work with SaaSplaza to deliver Microsoft Cloud Solutions with ease, be recognized as a Digital Partner of Record and profit from full CSP capabilities and 24/7 support by SaaSplaza. Find out how and download the SaaSplaza Indirect CSP fact sheet.

Azure Services SaaSplaza

Managed Azure Services

Azure Services from SaaSplaza enable customers and partners to focus on their core business. SaaSplaza provides Azure expertise and knowledge to businesses around the globe, making sure that their mission-critical applications and processes keep running at all times.

Who is SaaSplaza?

Who is SaaSplaza? Where are we? What do we do? What can you expect from us? Learn more about our Dynamics and Azure Services. 


CloudCARE combines tools, methodology, standards & expertise to make your Dynamics Cloud a world class experience.

Future-Proof Your Dynamics NAV Business

How to Future-proof your Dynamics NAV Business in a two-step plan for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners. Download the whitepaper:    

Dynamics on Azure

Microsoft Azure is the most advanced Cloud platform for business. And wherever there is Azure, we deliver Dynamics.