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Tailored Clouds for Microsoft Dynamics

Every business has unique, specialised requirements that mean a "one size fits all" approach to Cloud ERP systems may not deliver the best solution. SaaSplaza has the experience and ability to deliver scalable, customised Cloud ERP solutions from Microsoft Azure or Private Cloud, to help your business thrive. Or perhaps you're New to Cloud? or want to better understand Cloud ERP vs On-premise ERP?

Simple, Painless Cloud Enablement

SaaSplaza provide the comprehensive solutions you need to move to the Cloud - quickly, effortlessly, painlessly. We give you Microsoft Dynamics ERP, along with the tools, resources and support you’re looking for:

Our extensive Microsoft Dynamics engineering capability delivers the customisations, third party applications and ISV solutions to Azure or a Private Cloud that will exactly meet your needs.

Our powerful global platform and experience with Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Subscription Licensing delivers anytime, anywhere, for anybody.

The Cloud is waiting for you. Let SaaSplaza help you get there! Contact us today to get started, or read on for more information on some of the drivers that make choosing Cloud ERP for your business an obvious choice.

Bring the Cloud to Your Business
Expert Knowledge, Uncompromised

Your business runs on ERP, so it requires specialist knowledge to get the most from it. Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP environments are Cloud enabled so you can benefit from today’s always connected, mobile world. Do your internal teams have the expert knowledge to maximise this opportunity, while also deploying and supporting an ERP installation? They have to be responsible for a lot more than just ensuring daily backups are done. Our team of 80+ Microsoft Dynamics certified professional engineers and specialists ensure your Cloud ERP solution delivers exactly what you need.

  • 200+ partners, 1250+ customers
  • 10,000+ daily users
  • 6+ years Cloud Dynamics exclusively
Cost Management

As we all know, hardware is a commodity product that depreciates in value from the moment you sign the purchase order. So, if the average lifespan of an ERP system is 8 years and most hardware only lasts 3-4 years, either you have to reinvest in hardware or suffer from performance issues. What if you were able to keep your technology up-to-date, without major investment, and extend the lifespan of your ERP further than 8 years? With Cloud ERP that’s what you can do.

  • Easily stay current and maintain productivity
  • Avoid large "one-off" infrastructure investments
Agility, Agility, Agility

Business requirements in companies today continue to evolve rapidly. Do you know what your business requirements will be in 3 years, or 6 years? Can on-premise ERP scale easily to meet the changing requirements of new users, new locations and more complex or different demands? Cloud ERP can. SaaSplaza delivers the craftmaship to your Cloud ERP deployment, ensuring you get the agility you want from the system that you need.

  • Consolidate your multi-site infrastructure
  • Achieve the same performance with a fraction of the hardware
  • Guaranteed availability

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An 'Always On' Cloud

Global Network

SaaSplaza has offices and people on the ground in Amsterdam, Munich, San Diego, Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney. Plus, our network of 200+ Microsoft Dynamics Partners operate in more than 40 countries.

Uptime Guarantee

99.9% uptime guarantee on software application availability, financially backed. Compare this to most other providers, who offer 99.5% to the infrastructure level (access to the data center/servers only, not the software).

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Industry leading standards for Backups & Disaster Recovery, including standard daily, weekly and monthly backups by default.

Security & Protection

SaaSplaza's platform, people and processes ensure the highest safety for our customers, because we know that this is crucial when it comes to applications and business solutions in cloud. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Globe White
Conquering the World of Chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to change the world of chocolate. What started out as an experiment to explore the possibilities of producing slave-free chocolate, has turned into an international success story for this Dutch company. To support the growth and expansion of the business, Tony’s Chocolonely has chosen Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV-solution, designed and cloud enabled by IT partner SaaSplaza. Running this smart ERP-software from a private cloud allows them to focus on sharing their story with the rest of the world.

Globe White
APAC manufacturer EnGro expands with Cloud

SaaSplaza is the cloud partner of DP Technology in Singapore, who are the IT Partner for EnGro Corporation. EnGro own and manage several large companies in the APAC region, involved in Resin & Pigments, Polymer production and industrial concrete manufacturing. This case study video highlights their successes in moving to Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP with SaaSplaza!

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