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Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud

Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s most flexible and powerful ERP solution, with broad application across most industries including Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution and the Public Sector - plus specialised customisations for many industries.

AX is flexible enough to fit any organisation size and is highly capable with geographically dispersed organisations, which makes Cloud deployment even more compelling.

We have experience with Cloud deployments of Microsoft Dynamics AX for every version of the product from AX 2009 through to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, and have been involved in the development and partner testing for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (known as AX7 previously). Visit our Cloud AX For Business page for more information on the benefits of moving your AX to the cloud. Plus, if you'd like to know more about the new AX (AX7) then go to this page - What to expect with the NEW Microsoft Dynamics AX

AX on Azure

SaaSplaza provides end-to-end Dynamics AX managed services for Dynamics AX on Azure - complete with the same guaranteed 99.9% availability, at the application level, as we provide in our AX managed services on Private Cloud SLA (Service Level Agreement).

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AX Cloud ERP = Agility

The name of the game in AX (and ERP in general) is “agility,” and by placing Dynamics in the Cloud, you vastly increase the agility of your ERP offering to your customers and your customers business.

The best part is that SaaSplaza Partners don’t have to do anything different. Your role is to delight your customers, while we put their Dynamics AX in the Cloud and work with you to grow your Cloud Business!

For many companies, investing in Microsoft Dynamics AX would have been restrictive in the past, but with Cloud AX the opportunity to harness the benefits of this highly powerful and flexible ERP system is within reach thanks to the Cloud. SaaSplaza can help you equip your customers with Cloud AX for a smaller overall cost simply by providing it from the Cloud.

What the Cloud adds to Dynamics AX

The entire point behind an investment in an ERP platform as comprehensive as Dynamics AX is that it can drive value across an entire enterprise, improving how an organisation manages financials, people, production, processes, business intelligence and more.

As organisations become more dispersed and as the size and shape of an enterprise can change so quickly in a changing global economy, having your ERP solution in the cloud simply makes more sense as it delivers true flexibility.

In the Cloud with SaaSplaza, a customer can add/subtract users monthly (and adjust costs accordingly), and also deliver ERP power to everyone in the organization, no matter where they be and no matter what kind of device they may be using.

And nowhere is this more important than in the industries directly served by the Dynamics AX, such as manufacturing and distribution, retail and services, and the public sector.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics Partner selling AX (or any other Microsoft ERP solution) contact SaaSplaza - we can help you start selling Cloud AX and deliver a source of recurring revenue that will benefit you for years to come.

More about AX

The most recent (March 2014) figures from ERP Software Blog's report on Microsoft Dynamics usage state that more than 19,000 companies around the world are using Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The latest AX release is AX 2012 R3. There is more information on the Microsoft Dynamics AX overview and Microsoft Dynamics website.

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