Don’t leave your servers exposed to security risks since Microsoft Extended Support has ended.

Still running your infrastructure on Windows Server 2008/ R2 and SQL Server 2008/ R2 on premises?


What does it mean?

Microsoft will no longer release bug fixes and updates, including security updates, for these products. Complimentary support that comes with the licenses will also not be available.

If you do not take any action now, you will be exposing your critical workloads and data to security breaches. In an era when hackers are milking every system vulnerability and developing increasingly sophisticated hacking means, this is obviously not a recommended approach.

What can you do?

Option 1

Purchase an Extended Security Updates Plan (previously known as Premium Assurance Plan) for your Windows and SQL Server. This plan provides critical bugs for six years after the end of Extended Support. This option is only possible if you have active Software Assurance and is not a cheap option- the annual cost of the Extended Security Update is about 75% of the full license cost.

Option 2

Upgrade to the latest Windows and SQL version to take full advantage of up-to-date security updates and product features. This option is only possible if your application is compatible with the latest Windows and SQL version.

Option 3 - Recommended

Migrate to Azure and get free Extended Security Updates. Microsoft is offering Extended Security Updates for another three years after end of support if you migrate your Windows Server 2008/ R2 and SQL Server 2008/ R2 to Azure. This option allows you to secure your workloads after Extended Support ends, and also time to plan for upgrading your application so that it can be compatible with the latest Windows and SQL version. 

SaaSplaza can help you explore Option 3, migrating your Windows Server 2008/ R2 and SQL Server 2008/ R2 to Azure without changing your application code and with minimum downtime.

SaaSplaza offers a comprehensive plan that offers:

  • Assessment – evaluating your current workload and recommend right sizing for cost and performance optimization
  • Migration - moving your on-premise Windows and SQL servers to Azure with minimum downtime and zero business disruption
  • Managed Services – managing your Windows and SQL infrastructure either as PaaS or IaaS, with SLA and security assurances
  • CSP pricing and benefits – you can also use your existing licenses (Azure Hybrid Benefits) to further save costs
Here's what our customers think:

"We can't thank the SaaSplaza team enough for their dedication, professionalism and engagement through this process as it ensured we maintained our business continuity and did not have staff having to manage the move internally. SaaSplaza come highly recommended by our business and truly are experts in the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud.”

- Andrew Hill, Business Manager, Cloud A2K

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