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SaaSplaza and DycoTrade Simplify Digital Transformation for Commodity Traders

What do you get when a commodity ERP provider and SaaSplaza partner up? The ability to provide companies working in commodity trade with a way to free up their scarce IT systems and properly prepare their business for the 4th industrial revolution. By partnering with DycoTrade, a leading ERP software provider for commodity trading companies, SaaSplaza is able to offer turn-key technical solutions to those making the jump to digital-based or Cloud-based businesses without the necessity to have their own IT team to support their business.

From Zero to Sixty

DycoTrade is helping to modernize the commodity trading landscape and get companies running more efficiently by providing reliable software solutions hosted by SaaSplaza. For many commodity- focused businesses, one commodity contract can quickly turn into sixty, and sixty to one thousand. Many commodity companies start their financial administration with pen and paper or Excel sheets to keep track of their positions. Therefore, most companies do not see an immediate need for a full full-fledged in-house IT team. However, when businesses are making thousands of transactions per hour, it is impossible to keep up without a digital solution. 

DycoTrade’s Dynamics ERP Solution is a Digital Lifeline to Commodity Traders

DycoTrade designs, develops, implements and maintains software for commodity traders such as IPS-Ingredis, COUNT Companies, Van Rees and Subo International based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. DycoTrade provides a completely integrated ERP system that is certified by Microsoft. Their first-rate software solutions cover the five main areas of commodity trading: Terminal Market, Forex, Physical Market, Logistics, and Accounting. 

SaaSplaza Provides Cloud-Power and Fully Managed Hosting Services

DycoTrade and SaaSplaza have been working together for many years. We are able to provide them with the answers they need when it comes to supplying their customers with cloud solutions. We recently helped them to migrate IPS-Ingredis to a fully digital, cloud hosted solution with great success.  Designing a bespoke solution tailored to their data security and cloud service support expectations was just a matter of collaboration and teamwork.

With their new cloud-based application, IPS-Ingredis is now a step ahead in the digital revolution for commodity traders worldwide by offering transparency at every stage of a transaction and accountability for the multiple counterparties involved. By digitizing their services through a trusted partner, they were able to focus on elevating what they do best and increase the efficiency and accuracy of their everyday business practices. 

When Your Business is Global 24/7, Your Solutions Should Be Too

DycoTrade serves a highly international market and provides solutions to companies all over the world. This is a major factor in their decision to partner with SaaSplaza. SaaSplaza is able to provide their customers with managed hosting services from any continent and at any time. The cloud never sleeps and neither do our services. With our 24x7 “Follow the Sun” support and hosted data centers scattered all over the world, we are always there for the industry that keeps the world running.

Simplifying Logistical and Trade Operations with DycoTrade and SaaSplaza

Thanks to our partnership with DycoTrade we are able to help companies working with all sorts of commodities on their path to digital transformation. By designing, implementing, hosting and servicing the digital solutions that are right for each individual company, we provide the IT team that many of DycoTrade’s customers don’t have. With DycoTrade ERP solutions and SaaSplaza-managed hosting, we make things easier for commodity traders.