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Microsoft Indirect CSP provider: SaaSplaza’s effective approach

As a Microsoft partner, you are always looking to create more business value. Therefore, having SaaSplaza  as your Indirect CSP provider is very powerful for your business: we can provide you with crucial support, management, implementation, and invoicing functionality, so partners can successfully embrace cloud services and meet customer’s ever-increasing demands in a rapidly advancing world.

Adding value to your Microsoft business

If you’re not sure about the benefits of working with an Indirect CSP provider, take a moment to ask yourself if you’d like to:

  • Keep the focus on your core business without having to set up a 24/7 business or CSP facilities
  • Remain a Microsoft Digital Partner of Record to your end customers
  • Earn benefits and rebates as a Microsoft Digital Partner of Record

If you’ve answered “Yes” to the above, working with a Microsoft Indirect CSP provider will be of added value to you.

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Why work with SaaSplaza?

Under the Indirect CSP model, and in collaboration with Microsoft Partners, SaaSplaza sells and supports Dynamics 365, Azure, and Office 365 to end customers worldwide. What sets us apart from other Indirect CSP providers is our exclusive focus on these products, which allows us to build tailored CSP services that help you achieve increased business value. Our services combine implementation, 24/7 global support, contracts, sales, and administration services into one service model to empower you as a Microsoft Partner:

Sales support

Do you want your sales department to sell Cloud Services effectively? We’ll make it easy. As a result of our extensive experience, we can offer an adequate scoping and requirements session with customers including demo environments. Moreover, we facilitate workshops to showcase the benefits of Dynamics 365, Azure, and Office 365.

Implementation support

Your engineers don’t have to worry about setting up the CSP Portal and creating the required subscriptions for Dynamics 365, Azure, and Office 365. We will take care of all this. Additionally, we will create support and escalation processes based on our MySaaSplaza Portal (MSP). The procedure: your engineers define customer requirements, after which SaaSplaza’s engineers technologically fulfill these – for example, by creating the necessary environment in Dynamics 365 or Azure.

24/7 global support

Do you need to safeguard your company’s productivity level? Then you’ll want everything to run smoothly. That is why our engineers work around the clock to fix any problem, whenever and wherever needed. SaaSplaza ensures 24/7 access to support staff located in the Pacific, Asia, Europe, and the US.

Billing and Administration

Compared to a regular project, the administration and invoicing of Cloud Service licenses are complicated. To allow you to focus on your core business, SaaSplaza takes on these tasks. We have been doing this exclusively for our partners since 2008.

Contract management

Of course, you wish to remain a Digital Partner of Record while gaining the Microsoft deal recognition and rebates on Dynamics 365, Azure, or Office 365 licenses. The Indirect CSP model allows for both. You will be contracted directly by SaaSplaza, our intention being to prevent you from potential liability responsibilities for any claims. In other words: you’ll keep the benefits and reduce the risks!

Interested in working with SaaSplaza as an Indirect CSP provider?

Want to reap all the above benefits and focus on making your business thrive? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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