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Masterclasses for Software Companies

On December 11, SaaSplaza and Microsoft will organize 2 masterclasses for software companies. 

Both masterclasses start at 8 am until 10 am, include breakfast, and they will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During these masterclasses, Cloud experts from Microsoft and SaaSplaza will share insights on how software companies can transform their business from a traditional software developing and selling company to a Cloud-first, Software as a Service model. Please note that because these classes will run in parallel, we ask that you only register to the masterclass you are interested in joining. 

Are you working for a software company and interested in joining? Click the buttons below to register!

Business Masterclass: What Does It Take to Move to a Subscription-Based Model?

Speakers: Ernst Veen, Azure Product Manager, SaaSplaza
Bram Veenhof, ISV Technology Lead, Microsoft

Language: Dutch

Moving to a subscription-based model can’t be done before you know what your pay per user price will be. You need both competitive pricing and a healthy business model. Calculating the cost might not be that simple and more so, what is the impact of a dip in your revenue and the long-term outlook? During this masterclass, SaaSplaza will present you with the elements which you need to take into account and how to calculate them. We have developed a calculation model for software companies to have a reliable initial idea of the cost price.

Click here to register for the Business Masterclass

Technical Masterclass: Develop and Innovate Faster with Azure

Speakers: Radoslaw Wiankowski, Cloud Solution Architect, SaaSplaza
Bogdan Grozoiu, Cloud Solution Architect, SaaSplaza
Dennis Schut, CTO & Chief Architect, SaaSplaza

Language: English

Azure offers numerous functionalities that not only enable software companies to simplify and automate their development process, but also allow them to create cloud-native applications. How much can your company benefit from moving towards PaaS, deploying Automation or describing Infrastructure as Code? During this masterclass, Cloud Experts of SaaSplaza will explain how much impact even the smallest changes can have and how you can combine all of them to begin your journey towards DevOps.

The session will be full of demonstrations, showing ARM templates, Azure AD and how it improves security, Automation in Azure with RBAC, Azure Policy and Azure Management Groups, and AzureSQL.

Click here to register for the Technical Masterclass

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

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