Continuously optimizing Azure ensures you save costs and increase performance and security.

You want to optimize Azure

"70% of companies are not getting results with cloud, and up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted"


You successfully migrated some of your applications to Azure, but you have not yet optimized the Azure deployment for optimal cost, performance and security. Azure configurations can be complex. New Azure features come out every month and the choices you make have a direct impact on your business. A 2017 Rightscale study indicates that 70% of companies are not getting results with cloud and that up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted. How do you stay in control and make sure you only pay for what you need?

Optimize and automate Azure processes to reduce cost, optimize performance and improve security through the following implementations:

Reduce costs

With automatic scaling, smart scripting and expert consulting, we can scale down during off-hours or up during peak times- saving up to 40%. 

Optimize performance

By tuning the design to meet customer needs, turning off idle cloud resources or scaling-up if necessary, performance is optimized. Continuity is also ensured with backups and disaster recovery.

Improve security

Improve security with strict process controls, advanced identity management and 24/7 monitoring to meet security and compliance requirements.

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Benefits of partnering with SaaSplaza

  • SaaSplaza has optimized over 300 software businesses on Azure.

  • A global pool of Azure passionate experts can help you design, build, maintain and improve your set-up so your internal IT can focus on adding value to the business.

  • Save 10% of monthly costs immediately compared to paying for Azure with a credit card. 

  • Saasplaza can support your application with 24/7 "follow-the-sun" global services and continuous improvements.

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