Make your business future-proof with improved security, compliancy, and reduced TCO.

You're exploring Azure

Make your business future-proof

So you’re exploring Azure? You may have migrated some of your business applications to Azure. Great, you took the first step to making your business future-proof! But how do you proceed from this stage? Migrating all business applications to the cloud can be complex and time consuming for your IT staff. Our SaaSplaza experts unburden your team, increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs and most importantly, prevent security breaches and compliance issues.

To ensure a hassle-free migration, our plan of approach consists of the following phases:

Assessment phase

We gather the right information about your current IT infrastructure with our Azure experts and best practice tooling.

Design phase

The solution is detailed to finalize the scope of work. Since every IT situation and business is different, we tailor cloud solutions just for you. 

Deployment phase

The solution is implemented, tested, and ready for 24x7 ongoing operation. SaaSplaza monitoring resumes to ensure continuous improvement.

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Benefits of partnering with SaaSplaza

  • SaaSplaza has migrated over 300 software businesses to Azure.

  • A global pool of Azure-passionate experts help you design, build, maintain and improve your set-up so your internal IT can focus on adding value to the business.

  • By following our proven four step process, you are set you up for cloud success in four weeks.

  • Save 10% of monthly costs immediately compared to paying for Azure with a credit card.

  • Saasplaza supports your application with 24/7 services and continuous improvements.

Are you considering moving to the Azure cloud and becoming more agile, flexible and secure? We are glad to help you with this transition- ensuring a timely, structured and effective approach.

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