Microsoft Azure Hosting

SaaSplaza is a Microsoft Gold Cloud and Datacenter Partner, Microsoft Azure Circle Partner

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Microsoft Azure Hosting

Microsoft Azure is a global network of Microsoft data centers. Azure is an open, flexible Public Cloud Infrastructure platform that offers enterprise-grade scale and power. Currently, almost 70% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure for Cloud based application workloads.

SaaSplaza is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Azure Circle Partner and a Microsoft Gold Datacenter Partner, because of our extensive experience delivering end-to-end management services for Microsoft Dynamics on Azure, including Dynamics NAV on Azure, Dynamics AX on Azure and Dynamics GP on Azure.

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What Azure Hosting offers your customers

 As a Microsoft Dynamics partner today there are some questions we all want answers to:

1) How do I support my customers in the Microsoft Cloud?

Dynamics customers now have a more straightforward choice between choosing Azure or an on-premise solution. They can thoroughly test and move their production ERP workloads to Azure with confidence and peace of mind, and take advantage of any Azure consumption benefits that may be part of their licensing agreements.

2) As a Microsoft Partner, how do I "win" with Azure?

For Microsoft Dynamics partners, the launch also offers more options to deliver Cloud ERP for their customers in partnership with SaaSplaza. Partners can earn the recognition for adding customers on Azure, and do so without the investment to build up their Azure knowledge and experience, or developing Azure specific support services and staff.

If you want to learn more, please Contact SaaSplaza today.

Azure Hosting with SaaSplaza

Our experience with Microsoft Dynamics is not only what SaaSplaza brings to Azure. We also add our capabilities and services in deploying, optimising, maintaining and monitoring Dynamics Clouds on Azure.

Yes, we're good, but the question is; if Microsoft says Azure hosting is so easy, why would you use SaaSplaza to run Dynamics ERP on Azure for you? You can watch the Dynamics on Azure video here or read on!

Here’s what we think:

Building a plane is not the same as managing an airline. That’s why Boeing and Airbus are not airlines.

Designing the best product does not mean you should make that product. Look at companies like Nike, they do all their own design, but production is outsourced.

Likewise with Microsoft. They create ERP software. They don’t implement ERP systems. They don’t run ERP systems. Yes, they build the Azure infrastructure, but they don’t have any responsibility for running ERP applications.

That’s not what they do.

It’s you, the Microsoft Dynamics Partners, who successfully design and implement ERP systems, you meet the requirements of customers. But that is not the same as running ERP systems.

It’s important to remember that most of the time you can’t have one without the other. You need planes to run an airline and factories to make shoes - and companies need ERP systems to run their business.

ERP is critical for business to run, we all know that. Customers today also expect their system to be running at 100% availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and – particularly with Cloud ERP – they are even more aware of performance.

In fact, their expectations from Cloud ERP are much higher than any previous on-premise experience.

So, is it your business to run ERP systems for companies?

Is it your business to?

  1. Ensure 24/7 availability
  2. Ensure security
  3. Monitor performance 
  4. Monitor infrastructure
  5. Manage performance 
  6. Manage infrastructure
  7. Manage Azure subscriptions
  8. Manage Azure migrations
  9. Provide user provisioning
  10. Provide user management
  11. Provide customer support
  12. Manage third party applications
  13. Manage ISV solutions

For your customers?

It’s your choice, but as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner we think your time could be better spent to strengthen your customer relationships and add value to their business – and yours.

Our job is to make your customer happy and put you on top of a high performing, stable, secure, scalable, Dynamics ERP on Azure. That’s what we do.

And to make the decision easy for you we bundle together all these Cloud Services on Azure for a fixed per user per month price – so you don’t have to worry about Azure’s 20+ pricing variables!

More about that later, right now let’s talk about the other Azure partner benefits SaaSplaza bring you when you partner with us for Azure:

  • Focus on your craftsmanship – do what you do best - without needing to invest in Azure knowledge, learn System Center, worry about the sizing of the Microsoft Azure ERP environment, or the hassle of support and operations management.
  • SaaSplaza’s Azure automation and PowerShell scripting experience means provisioning is fast and easy, and bespoke requirements can be easily met.
  • Use our Microsoft Dynamics engineering capability to deliver customisations, third party applications and ISV solutions to Azure or a hybrid cloud that exactly meets your customer needs.
  • Reduce your time to market – we’re ready now…
  • Lower your cost of sale – use our expertise with your customers…
  • Plus - with SaaSplaza you don’t need to worry about defining an SLA or your security measures.
  • SaaSplaza provides Dynamics ERP services out of 11 Microsoft Azure locations around the world.

That’s what we do.

So let’s get back to what you and your customer get with our fixed per user per month price:

  • A financially backed SLA of 99.9% at the Dynamics application level. That’s better than Microsoft’s Azure SLA, which only covers the infrastructure, not the application.
  • 24/7 global phone and customer portal support, including Azure and Microsoft Premier Support.
  • Annually audited ISAE 3402 and SSAE 16 Type II security certifications.
  • Microsoft System Center + SCOM for advanced monitoring and management.
  • Provisioning and user management services.

All this, all-in-one.

Windows Azure ERP cloud.
Making your customer happy.
That’s what we do - so let's talk about Cloud ERP on Azure today!

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