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Microsoft Dynamics SL in the Cloud with SaaSplaza

Project-driven companies need project-focused accounting. It's that simple. Ordinary accounting and business management software systems aren't set up to handle the unique project based demands of your work. That's where Microsoft Dynamics SL comes in. Plus, with a project oriented business you need simple user management that doesn't involve paid for yet unused/under utilised on-premise licenses as people move between projects. That's where Cloud with SaaSplaza shines, because our simple pricing model means you only pay for the number of users on your system each month.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to easily manage the complexities of a project-based business, helping you run more efficiently and giving you insight you can use to deliver accurate estimates—on time and on budget. That means better control, better profits and more room to grow. Dynamics SL provides a fast and easy way to drive process improvements and cost efficiencies by streamlining and centralising every project component in a readily accessible, non-cumbersome ERP platform.

And putting Dynamics SL in the Cloud is fast becoming the best choice for SL users as the nature of their project-based businesses means that taking on infrastructure (such as an on-premise solutions) is not really an option.

The typical SL based organisation is one that requires constant, true flexibility - the ability to quickly scale up or down as a given project requires - and Cloud Dynamics with SaaSplaza makes this possible.

For example, using Dynamics SL in the Cloud with SaaSplaza gives a contracting organisation all the flexibility - in both costs and scope - it requires to meet its business goals, along with the reliability and portability to meet its project goals.

Additionally, SaaSplaza’s focus on security means that no matter where the next project may take a business, its data and systems are safe and secure because they never leave the SaaSplaza Cloud, where security is a top priority.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics Partner selling SL or any Microsoft ERP or CRM platform, contact SaaSplaza. Selling this comprehensive ERP system as a Cloud based solution will open many doors for you, and deliver a source of recurring revenue that will benefit you for years to come.

More about SL

SaaSplaza support most versions of SL into the Cloud. The most recent (March 2014) figures from ERP Software Blog's report on Microsoft Dynamics usage state that more than 13,000 companies around the world are using Microsoft Dynamics SL.

There is more information on the Microsoft Dynamics SL overview and Microsoft Dynamics website.

Contact SaaSplaza today for questions, pricing and more information.