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SaaSplaza as your Indirect CSP provider

Microsoft is drastically increasing the requirements for CSPs in a way that will directly impact many Partners’ CSP status from August 2018 onwards. You have to be a CSP in order to sell Dynamics 365 going forward, so this is important to you. Microsoft specifically increases their requirements around certification and (advanced) support contracts, leading to extra effort and cost for your business.

The requirements to retain your direct CSP status after August 31st 2018 include:
• Purchasing a Microsoft support plan. The minimum requirement is to buy Advanced Support for Partners, which costs $15,000 per year.
• Providing at least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application.
• Enabling billing and provisioning infrastructure.

Do you find yourself in the situation that you are facing challenges to retain your CSP status?

Or you do not want to waste time with all the work needed to maintain CSP? Then SaaSplaza has the right solution for you.

With 15 years of Dynamics and Cloud experience for 300 Dynamics Partners globally, we have a unique experience as Global indirect provider (previously called Tier 2 CSP) compared to general license resellers. Our services combine Indirect CSP services for Azure and Dynamics 365, assessment, design, deployment, operation, support and continuous improvement of Azure and Dynamics 365 environments. This experience helps you generate more business, better business and create new opportunities. You sell more business and avoid nasty surprises later on in the delivery and support. License control, billing and provisioning can be completely handled via our new CSP portal; granting you complete and easy self-service. Which means less labour-intensive work for you, so you can focus on your core business. Contact us today!

Why work with SaaSplaza?

Under the Indirect CSP model, and in collaboration with Microsoft Partners, SaaSplaza sells and supports Dynamics 365, Azure, and Office 365 to end customers worldwide. What sets us apart from other Indirect CSP providers is our exclusive focus on these products, which allows us to build tailored CSP services that help you achieve increased business value.  Azure & Dynamics CSP (indirect licenses), plus Azure Solutions and Services plus our consultancy and deep technical knowledge truly make us a one stop shop for all cloud-related topics.

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Adding value to your Microsoft business

If you’re not sure about the benefits of working with an Indirect CSP provider, take a moment to ask yourself if you’d like to:

  • Keep the focus on your core business without having to set up a 24/7 business or CSP facilities
  • Remain a Microsoft Digital Partner of Record to your end customers
  • Earn benefits and rebates as a Microsoft Digital Partner of Record

If you’ve answered “Yes” to the above, working with a Microsoft Indirect CSP provider will be of added value to you.

 Interested in working with SaaSplaza as an Indirect CSP provider?

Want to reap all the above benefits and focus on making your business thrive? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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