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Dynamics Cloud

2021 marks the 3rd calendar year we've been part of the RIB Group: a conglomeration of cutting-edge digital companies.

Last week SaaSplaza sponsored and attended Directions ASIA.  We met lots of partners, had a great number of insightful conversations and attended multiple sessions to hear the latest news.

Whatever your excuse may be, we are here to debunk it and show you how, with proper planning and help from people who have done it before, you can ensure a successful jump to the Azure Cloud. 

In August of last year, Microsoft introduced some changes to their Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program.

It may be easy for Microsoft Partners to lose themselves in the Cloud journey, but staying relevant as a supplier of software and/or services is more important than ever in the changing scenery of

Here are our highlights of this event.
During Day 1 Microsoft announced during the opening session that GP 2018 R2 will be released on October 1, 2018.