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Microsoft Azure

You want to bring your software to the cloud and serve your customers better and more effectively. But where do you start?

The best business models arise from solving problems. The use of new technology is often a driver.

Labor market and employee recruitment expert Brunel International had a complex network and infrastructure environment with separate platforms and data stored on-premises in locations all over the

We are excited to announce the onboarding of this new ISV which showcases our proposition whereby we enable software companies to optimize paying for their Azure consumption w

At the beginning of this brand-new year, we owe you part 2 of Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Questions from Software Companies About their Cloud Journey.

 For many Software Companies that I have met with in the past months, the journey to a Cloud-first business is still unclear.

Choice stress: the breeding ground for fatigue. Sometimes even the cause of a hefty burn-out. You choose the whole day, every day.

Software Companies are typically at the forefront of the migration to the cloud, transforming their application into a cloud services.