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4 Advantages of the New Microsoft CSP Program for Partners

Olivier Meynier
February 10 2019

In August of last year, Microsoft introduced some changes to their Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program. They upped the requirements to remain a Direct Provider which left many Partners wondering how they would manage if they lost or didn’t want to pursue Direct Provider status. However, there is no need to fret if these changes have consequences for you as a Microsoft partner, because there are clear business benefits to  working with a CSP Distributor that you should be aware of.

Here are 4 ways in which working with a Microsoft CSP Distributor adds value to the Microsoft Partners and resellers:

1. Ordering Microsoft Cloud Solution licenses is more straightforward.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the licensing and billing portal offered by CSP Distributors to resellers. A specialized CSP portal truly makes life of the Partners more easy and such a portal can even allow highly customized and individualized set ups per customer. This hugely simplifies the billing process and also allows your customers to enter the portal (should you decide to grant them the priviledge) and directly order through it with tailored license prices. When billing and ordering become easier to do, it’s a guaranteed win for the bottom line as well as business efficiency.

2. A specialized Cloud Solution Provider is on call to support you and your products.

Funnily enough, product, service and sales support through a CSP Distributor is actually more direct and substantial than working with Microsoft itself. The changes to Microsoft’s CSP program make it easier to keep Partners, providers, and customers up and running. When you start working with a CSP Distributor, the supply of information is more streamlined, relevant and focused to your specific business and services. They are also able to provide case-specific support faster and earlier than if relying on Microsoft directly. This not only increases your business’s confidence in the solutions you provide, but your customers’ confidence in your services as well.
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3. CSP Partners can help during the sales process.

A CSP Distributor can offer advice to the CSP Reseller on what products will best suit your customers, which licenses to sell, and how to sell them. When you place an order with your CSP Distributor, you won’t have to fight for attention amongst hundreds of other resellers. CSP Partners can aid you in fulfilling sales with their detailed product knowledge, pre-sale and sale cycle support. No question need go unanswered with the improved communication and reliability of working with a CSP Distributor.

4. You can better provide your customers with a complete range of Microsoft Cloud Solutions and Services.

Working with the Indirect CSP portal enables you to sell additional services to your customers, even your own services. This means you can offer your clients a complete range of services, including a helpdesk, management, monitoring through the the portal, to improve value, increase engagement and provide an overall better customer experience.

Do the benefits of working with a CSP Distributor sound promising to you? There's a lot for CSP resellers to gain through the new program, and we are ready to empower Microsoft Partners with our CSP Services and Support.

SaaSplaza can help you make even more out of your business as a reseller of Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Contact us today to set yourself up for success.

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