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6 Migration Tips to Modernize Your Application

Planning to modernize your application but in need of some detailed insights?
Ernst Veen
November 14 2018

Software Companies are typically at the forefront of the migration to the cloud, transforming their application into a cloud services. They are the ones who need the low-down on tips and strategies when it comes to shifting a Cloud-based businesses, but that information is unfortunately not easy to find. So, here they are: our six essential tips to ensure a successful migration that will not only benefit you as a software vendor, but benefit your customers as well.

1. Know your business ambitions and find out what the cloud can do for you.

The start is the hardest part, but diligently planning a roadmap to your perfect Cloud-based business will make the plan more achievable. Knowing how your business will profit from transitioning to the Cloud creates not only a goal, but a reward for the time and planning it takes to get your application there. When we are involved in your digital transformation, we always start with a workshop, face to face with a CIO, Digital Transformation Lead, Product Owner(s), and Cloud Architect(s), with the aim of whiteboarding collaboratively.

2. Discover exactly which architecture suits your and your customers’ needs, because almost anything is possible in Azure.

With the right experts, every business can create a bespoke solution that includes Azure, a hybrid combination, storage solutions, backups and support, security, global cloud, and networks. When you work with experts like SaaSplaza, creating the perfect architecture for your cloud application ensures no systems and requirements are overlooked whilst also preparing you for future growth—wherever in the world that might be!

We utilize tooling like Azure Migrate and Cloudamize  which allow not only for speed, but also more precision in data collection and analysis than when done manually. Based on that, we can make recommendations for your business requirements and processes to efficiently scale your cloud infrastructure and meet your goals.

3. Plan, plan, plan.

From the road map that is created, take the planning even a few steps further to make sure any questions are answered and any hiccups are accounted for, so the process will be as streamlined as possible. By leveraging a team of SaaSplaza experts to help execute the strategy, the process is less stressful and with the best outcome. We help advise and consult in the re-architecting of your application, calculate the ROI and costs to change your business model to that of a subscription-based one, and co-sell and market your application so it is available in the Azure Marketplace. We also coach you on new Azure technology developments and guide you with the goal of continuously improving your application.

4. Test run and prove your concept with a beta release for key users.

The only way to know how your application is functioning is by taking it for a test drive! The great thing about Cloud is the ability to test a beta release with key users who can give honest feedback. The Proof of Concept is also useful when securing financial investments in the Cloud migration strategy and will address how the subscription model will compare with current licensing revenues. Making sure the financial aspect isn’t a mystery will help to build confidence in the Cloud.

5. Applying a Cloud-first strategy with new customers ensures relevancy as well as revenue.

The subscription-based model of Cloud services may have some businesses feeling uneasy about financial security. One way to ensure reliable revenue is by making sure your business is shifting to a Cloud-first strategy when it comes to sales. With education from sales experts, sales teams will know how to confidently answer questions from new customers. Everything will move to the Cloud eventually, so going Cloud-first will prevent backtracking and painstaking integrations in the future.

6. Make sure you are able to offer the support that your customers will need.

Is your business providing services to international companies across a multitude of time zones? If so, you will need to have extended working or support hours unless you can outsource it to another reliable provider. Knowing what level of support you need to be able to supply, and who can provide it if you can’t, is a huge element of success to completing the transition.

When software companies and businesses work alongside SaaSplaza, we are able to promise a successful Cloud migration strategy thanks to our carefully considered strategy sessions. Addressing each of these steps, plus many more, and looking carefully into every Partner and customer, we can tailor solutions from the basic to the highly complicated.

Migrating your application to Azure isn’t rocket science, so long as you have the right partner next to you. Meet our Cloud experts during one of our masterclasses!

If you’re curious about how we can help you successfully migrate to the Cloud, but you can’t join the masterclass, we can arrange a personal meeting.

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