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Applications that Appeal to Your Customers Everywhere

Ernst Veen
September 11 2018

How many apps do you have on your phone? The average number is known to be 35. And how many apps do you use in your work life? There are apps for accounting, logistics, sales, marketing, HR and apps that integrate information and provide intelligent dashboards. To summarize - we use many applications in our day to day jobs. However, are these applications also available everywhere? And do they meet the requirements of performance, safety, accessibility? There are plenty of arguments to offer your application in the cloud.

Wrap Up Your Applications with a Bow on Top

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Unwrapping a present is inviting; you are especially excited for what’s inside the box. Offering an application as a full service solution or bundle is equally exciting! And there’s no better time for software companies to transform (in case they haven’t already done so) and offer their application boxed, ready to use, as a cloud application. Wouldn’t it be great to offer this regardless of where your customer is located, number of users, peak times, support hours, etc.? Wrap up your cloud application and, if your customer is ready for it, they can just chip in or buy and switch on with it.

Moreover, how do you ensure that your applications no longer need to be installed traditionally? How do you deliver continuous deployment to connect your R&D roadmap? Are you going to figure this out yourself? Are you going to ask a local IT service provider? Or are you going to ask a party that has been trusted by over 300 ISV partners globally to do this before? One with 24/7 ‘follow the sun’ support?

As a software development company, it can be difficult to go to cloud yourself. We believe in working together. You are specialised in developing beautiful applications with great functionality; your applications have a smooth interface, and users love working with it. Doing just that, you already have your hands full. How about it we take the cloud infra and support out of your hands? We enable you to deliver your application from the cloud, as a service, stable, secure, and reliable - supported in different languages, countries and more!

We are proud to work on this cutting edge, every day, by helping partners repackage their applications, solutions and services, offering it wrapped as a complete solution, cloud ready, software as a service, contributing their success, and allowing them to build their business.

Are you building applications and focusing on maximizing your success? Let’s work together! 

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