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Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Questions from Software Companies About their Cloud Journey (Part 2)

Still unclear how to embrace innovative technologies? Gain insight into the cloud journey. How do I set the right goals for my business? How do I stay secure and compliant? Get the answers to these questions and more.
Ernst Veen
January 02 2019

At the beginning of this brand-new year, we owe you part 2 of Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Questions from Software Companies About their Cloud Journey. These questions are distilled from the many conversations that we had with Software Companies that consult us. Many of them are looking for a strategic partner that can help bring their application into the cloud and provide a software as a service application. In the previous blog we answered questions like: How do I get started? and How do I prevent decrease in revenue?  Here are the questions (and answers!) to the other 5:

6.       How do I set the right goals for my business?

As mentioned before, knowing your customers and how you see your business in the future is essential to setting achievable goals for your business’ Cloud journey and digital transformation. Working with Azure can help businesses achieve their goals when it comes to making mobile, Cloud-native and customer-engaging applications. It also allows businesses to optimize cost-efficiency with scalable infrastructure. And when it comes to scalability, if your business is already global or wanting to go global, Azure can reduce time-to-market for rolling out international applications. Especially important for new customers, delivering software as a service is a natural link to scaling up your profit if your company is worried about keeping up.

7.       Security is essential. How do I ensure a good night's sleep?

There are many ways to protect your cloud deployment, applications and customer data, and let’s face it: it’s your obligation to do so. If your customers buy an application as a service, they expect the best service, including all security measures and layers to protect it. Security goes beyond secure login, identity and access protection, and a secure cloud platform. It also is about continuity in case of an outage, recovering from a disaster, preventing business critical data from getting lost or stolen and monitoring your cloud infrastructure and application. There's a lot to this and the Azure public cloud offers abundant options and functionality to attain the highest level of security for your applications.

All SaaSplaza services are built with security in mind, making use of the Azure functionalities and additional services, including 24/7 support, so software companies can rest assured, when their (global) customers are working. 

8.       How do I ensure that I am, and remain, compliant?

Being and remaining compliant can be a challenge for applications that are entering the cloud, but you are not alone in accomplishing this. Software companies should look for certifications of compliancy when they work with a partner who provides services for their application. SaaSplaza have taken it upon themselves to make sure they offer services to help stay compliant, and those are annually audited. 

All public clouds also provide solutions that are compliant to legislations and regulations of specific countries and industries. For example, Microsoft Azure was the first to claim GDPR compliancy, holds over 80 certifications and continues to innovate and invest in compliancy as part of their strategy.

So the Microsoft Cloud is a great foundation to build your cloud application on, but it doesn't stop there: the development, the application itself and the processes have to be compliant as well. Azure offers DevOps features that improve the compliancy during the development process and the application – I definitely recommend using these.

9.       Do I need to change my app?

Rearchitecting an application with all its great functionality is a heavy job. Especially rearchitecting for cloud use, as a service, can be time-consuming and has a big impact on the development team. Unfortunately, we can’t take that hard work from you, but we can help to facilitate and improve the process to get there. There are different ways to make sure that the apps are redeveloped, running properly in cloud and staying compliant. Software companies always need to start with an investigation to see how the application was originally designed and an assessment of what is needed (recoding, functions, time and effort) to redesign as a cloud application. You can do it yourself or seek support from an expert. This expert can also help you set up a testing, beta environment, to test waters before you do a big bang launch.   

We believe in the power of Microsoft Azure, as a cloud platform for digital transformation for software companies. With Azure, we are able to provide a cloud with technologies that:

  • Accelerate app innovation through rapid app development and agility in the cloud.
  • Deliver integrated data and intelligence—data for rich insights to intelligence embedded within apps.
  • Are open and flexible, where you can use the tools and technologies you already have and want to use.
  • Are trusted to protect your business assets. As more customers expect digital experiences, they expect the data they share with an organization to be protected, and we can help you do that.

10.   Do I need a partner?

The real value of technology involves people as well as processes. The process to assess the value of  new technological developments that are constantly announced doesn’t have to be overwhelming when working with the right people. Working with a strategic advisor to lay out a roadmap specifically tailored to your business and its needs during digital transformation brings aspects of technology such as the Cloud and shifting your business models to life. What may be just an initial idea becomes tangible when you start putting the wheels in motion and work with a knowledgeable partner on your side. And once the wheels are in motion, the benefits come rolling in. There are many reasons to SaaSify your software, just pick one and let us know your favorite!

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