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Brunel's Move to the Cloud Helps Companies Prepare for the Labor Market of the Future

January 20 2019

Labor market and employee recruitment expert Brunel International had a complex network and infrastructure environment with separate platforms and data stored on-premises in locations all over the world. Brunel moved to Microsoft Azure to create a unified platform and improved experience, and now it has the additional security, connectivity, and innovation features to help the business not only meet demand but predict where labor markets are headed next.

“We moved to Azure because we wanted an infrastructure that we could fully manage and that was future-ready,” says Stefan de Boer, CIO of Brunel. He continues, “Manageability, cost-efficiency, and security were the three biggest reasons we chose Azure.”

Brunel opted for SaaSplaza as their Managed Azure Services partner, to design, build, deploy and manage its new Azure-based platform. “By moving to Azure, Brunel can continually improve and optimize its platform to drive innovation and transform the business. We’re proud and excited to be part of that journey,” says Berend-Jan van Maanen, CEO at SaaSplaza.

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