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Choose the Appropriate Solutions for Your Security Issues

Who is ‘the best’ security supplier at this moment? Does a cookie cutter and ready-made solution present itself to you? Is it one supplier or multiple?
Ernst Veen
November 18 2018

What is considered ‘the best’ is so subjective, that it can also be very personal.

I consider myself a cloud evangelist, someone who finds relevant solutions and thinks outside of the box. For my work, I often deal with issues in which creativity, continuity and scalability come together, and security and compliance are important aspects. I contribute to the success of others and help translate the business needs of customers into staying at the forefront of digital transformation, and thus, a new way of earning money. I am regularly asked which security supplier our customers should use for the security of workplaces, applications and data in general.

Every situation is different in terms of security. A few years ago, it was quite common to make use of the various niche players for security, best in their own breed. However, nowadays, in general, I think customers no longer want to bet on different horses.

Security solutions you may consider

ESET has a fantastic antivirus solution; a strong weapon against ransomware. Or think of Mimecast, which offers a powerful solution for the security of incoming and outgoing e-mail and quickly detects when someone sends a fake email on behalf of a person. This keeps unsafe messages outside your company, and consolidates them in a single, secure and fully-indexed cloud archive. Forcepoint, formerly Websense, is a company who specializes in data security software. This software can block access to certain sites and secure internal data.

I have nothing negative to say about these security solutions. Independently, they are perfect. But give pause: are you waiting for independent products? Don’t you want seamless integration, easy management and, if possible, from a single portal? And, of course considering that you need to get what you pay for: value for money.

When you need one solution

Security at a glance at my workplace

It is not entirely coincidental that Microsoft has explicitly nestled in the security and compliance spectrum. As a supplier of solutions that many of us use daily (Windows, Office and Outlook) to increase productivity and collaboration (Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive), security, protection and compliance are the basis of their services. The various acquisitions that Microsoft has made are or are being integrated. There is no denying that Microsoft is committed to being a reliable organization.

Let's look at the Microsoft portfolio when looking for security solutions. Microsoft covers the entire spectrum with great solutions; ones that complement each other and fit together like puzzle pieces.

Windows Defender with ATP: Antivirus for your devices

Azure Information Protection: Data classification and encryption solutions for your on-premise environment

Cloud App Security: Monitoring and securing of your cloud applications

Unified Labelling: Providing a uniform experience in creating and using labels in different scenarios for all users

Azure Active Directory: A central place for managing the identity of your users—preferably with Single Sign-On

Enterprise Mobility & Security: Log in with Multi Factor Authentication and conditional access

Microsoft’s strength lies in their seamless integration of these solutions and the convenient way to pay and consume. The following video from Microsoft shows that security for the users is intertwined in their solutions, and also shows that in the back Microsoft is working on this 24/7. It provides a brief look and introduction to the Microsoft Security Response Center, which is the control center where people are alerted to attacks and security threats.

Cloud Security can be complex, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed when there are knowledgeable advisors at your side. Security, compliancy and protection of business-critical data are a prime concern of SaaSplaza and we can be called upon to help you investigate, architect and decide on the best mix of security solutions for your data and apps in the cloud.

Reach out to our experts and contact us today!


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