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Did Microsoft Ignite get us ignited?

Yes, it certainly did! We got ignited with loads of information about Dynamics 365 (Cloud, Local Business Data, on Premise), Azure (Stack, Public and Active Directory), new Azure tools and cloud migration tools.
Dennis Schut
October 22 2017

We joined this event, previously known as TechEd, in Orlando, with a team of Azure and Dynamics architects and specialists. As we are passionate about Microsoft technology, this is an event for us that’s not to be missed.

Dynamics 365

The most interesting session was about Dynamics 365. With the announcements of Dynamics Tenerife NAV in mind that Microsoft did during Directions North America, we expected some more clarity about the way forward and technical details.

It is clear that the strategy of Microsoft is to promote the public cloud offerings for Dynamics 365. The announcements that were done during Directions about Dynamics 365 Business Edition being integrated into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition, was explained, but not in too much technical detail. The general availability of NAV 2018 was confirmed for December 2017, which is positive in the sense that Microsoft is still releasing on Dynamics NAV, to meet the customers demand and provide the means for users to bridge from the NAV of today towards Tenerife. I’m happy to confirm that SaaSplaza is preparing and will be ready to release NAV 2018 on our own platform, immediately following upon the release of Microsoft.

Azure Active Directory

Almost all cloud services are using Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider, and in my opinion Microsoft has become the leader in Cloud Identity. Due to the transformation happening in the technology, it is clear that customers that consume cloud services will be in Azure Active Directory. SaaSplaza is working on tooling and automation that facilitate and speed up the processes.


+  Cost Management with Cloudyn
+  Virtual Machine Update Management
+  Azure Security Center - Threat Protection
+  Azure File Sync
+  Azure Database Migration Services
+  Azure Migrate (Discover, Migrate, Optimize)
+  Hybrid Clouds solutions

Azure Stack

We joined this session out of general interest. Currently SaaSplaza is not focusing on or researching Azure Stack. It was a great and inspirational session that explained very well the position and strategy of Microsoft with Azure Stack to digitally transform companies. We recommend you to view the recording of this session: Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack

Azure Service Fabric

Azure Service Fabric was recently announced, mainly designed to host and operate cloud enabled applications, the same platform is used by Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure SQL. To better understand the concepts, technology, limitations and operation on larger scale, I attended some sessions about Azure Service Fabric on Azure and ASF Stand Alone version. It operates very differently compared to other Microsoft Systems, so it will take time for partners and customers to get accustomed to it.

Migration to the Cloud

Microsoft now has embedded an Analysis and Migration tool within the Azure portal. This tool uses an agent to discover VMware resources on premise and facilitate migration to the cloud. This is a great tool for Azure experts, because it gives a better assessment of the current on premise situation and partly automates the migrations to Azure. From what we’ve seen so far, this new tool enables SaaSplaza to save time and resources when we migrate customers to Azure. So it is of benefit in migration projects.

Reach out to our Team

Feel free to reach out to SaaSplaza if you have questions or need specific information on the above mentioned subjects. We are happy to tell you more about it!

For further Reading and Viewing

Microsoft is great in sharing the all sessions of Ignite. If you go to Session Catalog, you will find the sessions that are recorded and available for viewing. Search by topic or speaker and get ignited!

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