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Getting Inspired During Microsoft Inspire

Ernst Veen
July 21 2019

Every year Microsoft organizes Microsoft Inspire for its partners and employees. This is an event in which they look back and reflect on the past year (Microsoft has a financial year from June-July) and look ahead to the future. In addition, this is the place where new impressions are gained and new solutions, products or price changes are shared. This year, Inspire took place in Las Vegas for the second time.

In this blog, we’ll share the most important themes and impressions that we’ve received. Many of the announcements can have an impactful effect on our productivity, the road to the cloud, and adoption.

Important Themes


What is quite clear, is that the most important target group for Microsoft are software companies (ISVs). Do you make software and want to reach the maximum potential from the hyperscale cloud? Do you want to use Microsoft as a channel to find new customers? As shown in the image above, the four strategic themes (left) remain intact and the coming twelve months will be dominated by security, Teams, Dynamics 365, PowerApps and migration.

New Impressions from Teams to Work Together Even Better

During Inspire in Washington— now already two years ago—Microsoft 365 went on the market. This solution is a combination of a number of apps and services that focus on collaboration. The most notable of these apps? Microsoft Teams: the hub for collaborating, chat, video conferencing, calling and sharing files. Moreover, Teams can do more and more—13 million users are already experiencing this! A few new functions have already been added that make working with Teams even easier, and that will of course continue in the coming year

Management Has Been Improved for Service Providers and ISVs

You probably recognize this, especially when you use Azure as an ISV or service provider. You have created a so-called Azure tenant for all your customers. In those tenants, you have all kinds of resources on so that your service works optimally. With Azure Monitor for example, you have perfect insight into the different traffic lights and other meters per tenant. Usually you have more than a single customer, so you have to log in piece by piece to manage all those tenants. Microsoft thought, “That has to be easier”. During Inspire, the worldwide availability of Azure Lighthouse was announced. Simplistically written, it’s a dashboard specially for service providers to view and manage all Azure tenants for their customers.

In short, with Azure Lighthouse, Microsoft has created a solution for its partners only, and it’s also free of charge.

Your Clients’ Success is Central: Get to Know the Azure Migration Program

Switching to the cloud can be quite something; there is plenty to do. Did you know that only 20% of a customer's IT is in the public cloud? You often want to get more out of Azure, for example, but where do you start? Microsoft has announced a program consisting of proven methods, tools and other useful and intelligent steps; the goal being successfully moving to the Azure cloud. The program can be lucrative for the customer because the full migration bill does not have to be paid. After all, this program is a collaboration between Microsoft and specialized migration partners.

Optimal Guidance to Speed Up Your Cloud Acceptance

The Cloud Readiness Framework for Azure is proven guidance designed to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies required for your organization to succeed in the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision makers need to achieve their goals for the short and long term.

Software Companies are Important to Microsoft

Microsoft offers all kinds of tools and services that make it easier for software companies to collaborate with them. For example, App Certification Hub, which allows you to certify your app for Azure and you are sure that your app will work on Azure. Then the Solution Workspace, Marketplace and Sell With—all made to include your app in the Azure marketplace and then start selling together with Microsoft sellers.

Impressions of the Vigorous PowerApps

PowerApps is a combination of apps, services, connectors and a platform that makes it possible to build apps very quickly without having to understand code yourself. This demonstration shows how artificial intelligence can also be used in a variety of apps without a line of code.

Holograms That Appeal to the Imagination

What if distance or language was no longer important? What if technology could help you be wherever you want and speak whichever language you wanted? This demonstration is somewhat futuristic and seems very far out.

Build the World's Largest Database

The benefits of a hyperscale cloud bring almost unlimited possibilities. During this demonstration, it’s clear what you can do with the newest Azure SQL Database. The database limits have disappeared, so you no longer have to make any trade-offs between performance and size.

PowerPoint Will Give You a Score for Your Presentation

The demonstration below gives you an impression of how artificial intelligence can further help us. These examples are now announced in Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.

In short, we got many cool impressions, and there is so much more to come.

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