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How Can Microsoft Partners Stay Relevant in the Cloud Journey – 3 Considerations

Often stuck between Microsoft and the customer, Partners must also remember how important they are for their customers in their Cloud journey.
Kylie Luteraan
November 07 2018

It may be easy for Microsoft Partners to lose themselves in the Cloud journey, but staying relevant as a supplier of software and/or services is more important than ever in the changing scenery of software developments, vending, and implementation methods. Often stuck between Microsoft and the customer, Partners must also remember how important they are for their customers in their Cloud journey. Making Microsoft and the customer journey work for you is the key to staying relevant and pushing yourself through the difficult beginning stages of becoming a Cloud First Partner.

Looking at the Cloud journey from the SaaSplaza perspective, we see some Partners and customers who are early adopters and a great many others that are lagging behind. There are several reasons for suppliers to be more hesitant when taking the steps towards pushing Cloud-first options to their customers.

Financial Reasons

Cloud services are an investment not just for the customer but the software company selling them. From subscription-based payment methods that are quite different to traditional software licensing sales, to the actual investment of time and resources to getting employees trained up and more knowledgeable of Cloud-based businesses, the financial aspect and how to navigate it is big for Microsoft Partners.

Support Reasons

Fear of the unknown and the inability to offer the support and the answers that customers need when they are considering a move to the Cloud. When asked questions that a software vendor can't answer, they lose confidence in solutions and may hastily suggest a solution that hasn't been fully considered and adapted to each specific customer. Who do they call when they themselves need support in this journey?

Functional Reasons

Many Microsoft software suppliers see themselves as a functional entity. When a customer needs a software, they sell it, license it, and move on to the next customer. With the introduction of Cloud and Azure solutions, the purpose of the supplier becomes more abstract and they take on more responsibility to successful migrate businesses of different histories, infrastructures and entities to the Cloud under subscription methods where the relationship continues as long as they supply the Cloud-based solution.

For Partners, these considerations are fully credible and understandable, but easily solved with the right strategies. When Partners can get passed these three issues, they will maintain their relevance as a Partner: they stay relevant to the changing Microsoft environment AND to customers who are looking for reliable Partners to take them through the Cloud journey.

Are you held back or moving forward?

Consider working with a Partner like SaaSplaza. It will help you to stop worrying about the "ifs" and "buts" when it comes to getting your customers on a Dynamics, Office, Azure, PowerBI or other Microsoft cloud services. Through training and support we can help Partners build their confidence in preparing customers and selling Cloud-based solutions. By working with SaaSplaza as your Cloud Services Provider (CSP) , Microsoft Partners are guaranteed to stay relevant to Microsoft because we have the expertise in tailoring and integrating solutions for each individual Partner's customer and can find a solution for any set up.

Partners stay relevant to costumers because they are on track with Cloud technology developments and confident in moving traditionally minded costumers to the Cloud. What does staying relevant to Microsoft and customers mean? That Partners are relevant all around and making their own Cloud transition a positive and valuable growth experience. Through a partnership with SaaSplaza, Microsoft Partners don't have to worry about the financial, support or functional reasons stopping them from going after a Cloud-first-based approach, or to selling their Microsoft software.

Considering to be a Cloud First Partner? SaaSplaza can help you with Value Add Cloud Services. Contact our team to discuss how our Indirect CSP program will make your Cloud Journey a great experience: 

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