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How Prevalent is Cyber Crime?

Kylie Luteraan
September 05 2018

Not too long ago, SaaSplaza hosted a Webinar about Security, Compliancy and Protection. In preparation for the webinar, we did research on the latest facts about IT security and Cyber Crime and wrote a blog about it.

I wasn’t too surprised that Cyber Crime is on the rise, as it is extremely prevalent in our day to day life, and if you follow the media, you can’t really miss it! While doing my research, I came across some pretty astonishing and gripping facts related to Cyber Crime, the rising costs and impact on business and society.

For instance, did you know that:

  • The average cost of cyber crime increased by over 23% in 2017
  • Small and Medium sized companies are important targets for cyber criminals, with numbers ranging from 20% to even 61%
  • Nearly 50% of all crime (theft, murder, etc) in the EU is cyber crime

We’ve made an infographic to show these facts, and many more. The good thing is, however, that at SaaSplaza, security is one of our top concerns and part of everyone’s daily life here. When you click through to the infographic, you will also find our recommendations for how to best arm yourself against cyber crime:

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